Strategies to Become a Successful Self Published Author

Before becoming a success self-published author, all author should go to in deep knowledge of publishing, what is it actually, now discuss about it.

1.) Publishing definition: Publishing is collective information of creation, story, poem, literature work, and diffuse this information in public, or it is a way to reach a book in public

2.) Self-Publishing definition: Publish a book own self without any involvement of third party ( book publisher company or resources )

3.) There are various self publishing but print on demand (POD) publishing & eBook publishing is in trend now

4.) The most important thing you should always remember that is “word count”, word count also plays a vital role sometimes, during the writing of a book.

5.) There are many reasons behind choosing self publishing such as no dependency on thirty parties, full satisfaction with own writing, you are self-editor in the case of the self-published author.

6.) Learn points to self publish a book: Before self publishing, you should aware with a bookstore, publishing strategy of book Publisher Company, etc. writing, editing, cover designing all these things are included in your self publishing work.

7.) Being a self published author, you can make money without publisher with high royalty.

8.) Some general mistakes you should avoid if you are a self-publisher.

a.) writing a book on the base of meaningless topic

b.) Not hiring professional editor & cover design

c.) Not enough plan of book marketing

d.) Lack of contacts with publishing media

e.) Less connectivity with audience

f.) Less regularity of book promotion on social media

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