5 Tools to Help you Create Facebook Cover

We always receive questions about how to use and adapt a logo on a Facebook cover and other social media. That’s because cover images take up the majority of what a user sees first above the fold when they go to a business page.

First of all, we need to set up the image size. Yes, people are always in doubt about the size of each social media cover image. So today we will clear it up. If you’re designing a Facebook cover photo, the recommended size is 851 x 315 pixels. For Google+ cover it should be 1080 x 608 pixels, for Twitter it’s 1500 x 500 pixels and LinkedIn’s 1400 x 425 pixels.

But how to get this size and put my logo on it? Easy! I’ve listed below 5 tools that will help you to create a very nice cover for your social media. You will be able to choose the one you like the most. Just don’t forget that your logo needs to be in high resolution for a better result. If you do it, you will get a very nice cover which follows your branding strategy. It’s very important to keep the consistency of your brand through every social media, ok?

So with no further explanations, I’ll introduce to you this tools. They are not all for free, so choose the one which fits better your conditions and objectives.


This online service is very interesting because it allows you to create the cover of your Facebook with various themes. Also, you can modify your cover for free at any time, using different categories, such as animals, drawings, games, religion, technology and more. To complete, the service does not require any type of registration for you to have access to the images. You only need to create a login and password in the social network.

Cover My FB

Choose an available cover or design your own. They offer many categories for you to browse, such as animals, quotes, love, music, cars, characters and more. When it’s exactly like you want, click “Upload cover to my Facebook”. Enter you own Facebook account inside the website so the image will appear on your timeline. If you prefer to create a unique design there are many resources available as well.


The web version of the FotoR image editor also has an option that allows you to create Facebook cover. Just like in its main function, the user has several tools and options that allow him to create the cover the way he wants. By being an editor, FotoR is not as simple as other options listed here, but it certainly has good functionality to do this job. In addition to the images available on the site, you can use images from your PC, Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr and Webcam.


PicBash is an online service that offers two features:
- Pic Maker, an editor for the essential creation of covers and
- Pic Showcase, an environment to share your images with other users.
Just like the other sites and apps listed here, PicBash makes Facebook cover, but it goes beyond that and also lets you create covers for Twitter and Google Plus. Regardless of the network, it provides hundreds of textures, images and colors to illustrate your cover or creation. You can insert texts, borders, elements and others. Everything is customizable, and you can change their sizes and colors. It can be accessed in most browsers and has an extension to Google Chrome.

First Covers

First Covers is also a free online service that gives the user what he needs to create his Facebook cover. No expertise required to image editing, since it has a very simple tool to use. It offers a few hundred ready-to-use Facebook covers, separated by categories like animals, athletics, cartoon, colors, fashion, friends, fun, life, love, music, movies, and many others.

Hope to help you to get the perfect Facebook cover. If you use or know another tool, comment below!

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