9 Signs You Should Invest In Visual Identity

The visual identity of a company is too important. When you have a company, what you need the most is to consolidate the brand, right? Your audience will recognize your product through the logo, packaging, a song or even a simple color combination. For this group of brand identification, it is called the visual identity.

If you have not worked on it on your company, how about starting right now? You don’t understand why? Let me give you 9 reasons it is important to invest in logo design and visual identity.


First impression remains! A customer will look for something in a company that will catch your attention, so visual organization is crucial for him to make the first decision to continue researching about his company.

Coherence of ideas

When your company has an organized and eye-catching visual identity, the customer starts to have confidence in your brand. Because if your company is all the time present in the buying action, the customer feels supported by your brand.


In most cases, competitors don’t give the due attention to the visual identity. So make a difference on your business and check out the website and products of your competitors. And ask yourself: Does this site attract more attention than mine? If the answer is yes, it’s time to do better.


The whole process of creating a visual identity initially depends on the logo, from there we start to the forms that are defined by the company and agency. Therefore the whole process can last from 20 to 30 days so that the company’s visual identity is in accordance with the contract. Remembering that the process varies according to the approval and change of the company.

More customers

Your business get more customers for a variety of reasons. First one is precisely the credibility that a site with a good visual identity goes through. So the customer who liked your site comments with other people who are interested, after all, satisfied customers generate new customers.

Marketing has never been as important to your business as it is today. In times of crisis, the highlight is the best way out, so stand out from the majority, be the best in both the visual and the content and do not suffer from the economic crisis.

Get Viral

You need to be reminded. If your product is referral to your customers, that means the result is positive. An example of this is the Bombril brand. The name has become a reference for several steel straws of other brands, in the same way that Danone did. When a person talks about going to the market to buy a Danone, he’s actually referring to yogurt.

The same tip holds true for brand building. The choice of colors, letter and logo must be carefully studied by a professional, through the idea of ​​passing the concepts of your company. A good example of this is Coca-Cola. Surely, when you see the combination red with white or the letter of the mark, you will refer to the most famous brand of soda in the world.

Business Representation

Even with a logo, you will hardly be able to firm your company without a complete visual identity. The business card, for example, is the company’s first contact with the customer. It needs to be well crafted and done in a smart way, as well as envelopes, presentations, letterheads, etc.

Graphics jobs are reasonable, but hiring a professional who works a unique, different and smart business cards for your company gives all that differential that it needs.

Visual Identity is everywhere

A good professional study will make a difference in the construction of your stationery. Each color has a different meaning, and it is up to them to define which colors are most appropriate for their case. The delicacy of the details transforms your brand to your customers and this should be a priority for your company.

From there, letterheads, envelopes, folders, website, presentations, badges, and more will be structured according to the message you want to pass. Colors are very important and have specific meanings. The dash also says a lot about the job.


Certainly a company that has a more elaborate and professional visual identity gives more credibility to its customers. If by offering your product you do not care about the company’s appearance, rest assured that the first question that will come to mind is whether the same can not happen with your products.


Investing in the visual identity of a company is something that gives much return, both financial and satisfactory. It does not matter if your business is small or large. Certainly the visual investment will attract customers and their profit will increase significantly. If this information helped, share on your network.

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