Brand activation: the importance and benefits

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4 min readJan 24, 2017

Consumers are tired of “irresistible” sales and promises that are not real. In an ultra connected world with customers more and more demanding, brand activation is gold. Because the success of a brand is totally bonded to trust.

Yeah, trust. Trust is what guarantees that people will get what you promise (or even more!). If your company worries more about value, objectives and great content it has much more meaning for customers than any great advertising.

However, is not that simple to build a trustful relationship with your customers. You have to be exceptional and upon delivering the right product at the right time you need a differential among your competitors.

It’s a target to achieve with planning and strategy but totally possible. If you think about most successful companies in the world, everyone have a memorable brand by using brand activation. It is one of the most used strategies of the greatest worldwide brands. But if you haven’t heard about it yet and doesn’t know how it works, let me help you with this post.

What is brand activation?

It means to build a great ideal for your brand and reinforce it with positive actions that make your customers to identify, trust and enjoy your company. It has to do with getting over the simple sell-buy relationship and create an emotional connection with your client.

The stronger this bond gets, the better for your brand. You will see the results on your sales rate. You can achieve it by many experiences, but all of them focus on educating, motivating and interacting with your public.

What are the advantages?

This strategy brings lots of benefits and I’ll list some of them below just for you to understand how it can affect your brand in short and long terms:

– Increases the buyback rate;

– Strengthen the relationship between company and customer;

– Improves brand ranking;

– Effective and shocking marketing strategy.

In other words, with a nice activation plan you will build trustful relationships and encourage your customers to be part of your brand image, liking and sharing it to the world through social media and telling his friends and family about his satisfaction. This strategy (and customer) is a keeper!

What should I do to activate my brand?

There are plenty options of brand activation. You can go traditional by investing in TV shows sponsorship, press ads, TV ads and more, but I would like to make you reflect about the Internet. Everyone is connected 24/7 and digital marketing strategies are very effective if you use them to promotional actions where you show what your brand is about. After all, your competitors may be going through the traditional path and you could stand out by approaching different medias and kinds of ads. Let your creativity make your brand recognizable in your customer’s’ mind.

Connecting with the public is more important than selling. Get out of the commonplace, the customer is not reacting to the usual call-to-action like “buy”, “use”, “be”. With the adventure of the internet and social media, there are more interesting ways of relating with people and evolving them. For example Facebook pages. You share content that is related to your field giving education, jokes, news or whatever fits your brand and when they realize, they are sharing your brand, indicating your product and/or using your company as a case.

Basically, it is a representation of how to plan and manage all the marketing activities. To get there you need to identify clearly which is the identity of the brand and who is your target public.

But it doesn’t mean you are always going to use the same strategies because the customers have the same profile, that’s wrong! You have to surprise and adapt to new trends. This is a continuous process, just like a married couple. You have to work this relationship day to day and make people fall in love with you every single day. To achieve this process ongoing, maybe you should consider working with an agency.

And you? Which strategies do you use to bond to your customers? Let us know below!



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