3 Tips To Awakening Your Greatest Version of Yourself

Most people want to live the greatest versions of themselves, they want to live an enriched and beautiful life. Yet why do most fail at this? Can it be as simple as positive thinking? Well, its more about positive thinking with inspired action that makes positive ripples that adds more hope and great joy to the world.

What is your greatest version of yourself ? I would say that for most people the greatest versions of yourself is when these 3 things are happening.

  1. You feel good about what you do daily.
  2. You are aligned with higher moral principles.
  3. What You Do Daily Makes a positive difference in others lives.

These three things, I have experienced for me, is when I’m at my best. When I’m at my best that is when I am awakening my greatest version of myself.

This allows me to function in this great world with purpose, passion, drive, ambition, and clarity of vision. The best way I can describe this greatest version of oneself, is this.


It means that what you do and what you believe about where you want to go in life feels authentic. There is conviction. So how do you awaken this?

  1. Do more of what feels good for you, and be disciplined about doing what feels good.
  2. Start to do things that feel morally correct.
  3. Make a list of things that can start serving others in a way that delivers values and principles to others lives with humility and greater service to humanity.

As you step into your greatest version, and start thinking in terms of adding value and service to others that uplifts society, you are on the right path. When you focus on that which can bring the greatest good for others, you also start to awaken the greatest and highest version of yourself. It becomes therefore about the service that brings society up.

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