Why Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

There are times in life when your ego gets damaged.

Have you ever had such an experience before ?

Maybe you date an extremely hot babe, and you put your whole idenity to being associated with her and her good looks, get immersed in the relationship so much and she dumps you.

Maybe you get fired at a high paying job that you put your whole pride towards working on. Whatever it was, you do know that that having your ego bruised is never a really good feeling.

Did you also notice things start to go very smoothly and extremely beneficial to you when you lessen the ego? When you see everyone as good stewards of humanity, when you start to come from a place of pureness, truth, authenticity ?

We love when things are going well, our egos can get a natural high from it. I mean afterall, you worked so hard for whatever it is your are proud of right?

Well, the truth is I don’t think that the ego really wins in the end. It’s just there to make life a bit interesting and exciting, but its always going to run out of its juice. You want to really start seeing life through a lenses of egolessness. You can make a positive difference of service to others in this manner. This is the way of true goodness within you to form.

This in turn allows you to live authentically. This authentic way of living is truly rewarding, blessed, and highly enriching. This enriched way of life comes from a true place, your heart.

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