A Freemason Guide to Dress Up Well At the Lodge

A freemason lodge is a serene place that is full of purity and brotherhood. As a Mason, it is expected of you to look and dress best. However, do the masons really have a formal dress code? Here is a guide to dressing up your best the next time you visit the lodge.

The Masonic Apron

The first and foremost Masonic Regalia that a new Mason is awarded as soon he joins the freemasonry is a lambskin apron. It is a mark of purity that reminds each mason to do good deeds for themselves and for others. Beautifully complementing the apron is a pair of white glove that defines the essence of the historic Masonic hierarchy. Craft Master Mason Apron is a special apron for the master mason which is high-quality grade imitation leather with quality lining. It is a beautifully designed blue and white apron apt for the master mason. The dress code in the lodge varies considerately around the world, thus it is not difficult to dress up well. You can opt for a full tuxedo with white gloves to khakis and a sweater, or even further just a tee shirt and jeans. However, an apron worn with any dress will retain the essence of a freemason.

Dinner Suits, Uniforms and Highland Dresses

Dressing up in dinner suits or formal Highland dresses is not a compulsion, but dressing up appropriately makes you feel good from inside and drives a positive energy around you. In some lodges in England, it is, however, an obligation to dress up in dinner suits, tuxedos or formal Highland dresses for dinner parties or events in the lodge. Most of the lodges have few dress codes in common. They accept dark suits, black shoes, black ties and white shirts worn in remembrance of those who died in the service of their country during the world wars. The Provincial grand lodge says that formal dress helps maintain a certain uniformity that ensures equality. A simple agenda is keeping it simple and smart.


Apt shoes for the lodge include classic black leather Oxford shoes or brogues. The smart classic design of these shoes complement well with the dark colored suit and take them effortlessly from dusk till dawn.


A Freemason’s best friend is got to be a smart black or dark colored suit. To be masonically smart in England, it is important that you add a dark colored suit in the closet. Moreover, you need not spend a fortune on the attire, because a Masonic meeting isn’t a fashion runway. Thus, make sure that you own a basic black suit of a good quality.


Team up a beautiful Masonic cufflink or a Masonic bowtie to your outfit to look smart and unique along with a Craft Master Mason Apron. Add a glimpse of your personality to your outfit so that you look exclusive and sophisticated. Many more masonic jewelry pieces are available to choose and accessorize your dress.

Freemasonry goes far beyond the walls of the lodge, thus dress code is not the line that defines you. Be true to your deeds and beliefs and you will surely be in the good books of many.

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