How Much & How to Use CBD with Help of Medical Marijuana Card?

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Jun 13 · 3 min read

Amid all the hype and publicity, medical cannabis is still a new concept in the US market, and people are still not fully aware of the fact how people may use it to heal themselves, let alone Medical Marijuana Card.

Yes, people who used to use it illegally before too might be aware, but the rest of the society is still naive on the topic.

The trick about CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is that doesn’t work like the tradition hemp, THC which is used by smoking or vaping, which for a fact gets you high very quickly.

Another fact here is just like patients, 420 doctors are also confused about the dose of CBD oil and methods to use it.

So, here is a small guide to know the legit usage and dose of CBD:


First thing first, you must know the amount of an item you are about to consume before consuming it; this is also the most confusing thing in this business.

People are perplexed about how much a person should take of this green nectar, foremost issue being; it hits slow, it takes like 15 to 30 minutes for CBD to hit your bloodstream, as every person is different and every human body reacts dissimilarly to the same thing, it is always a trick.

It is a way longer for a person to keep trying just the right doze. But, alas this is the ritual every Medical Marijuana Card holder must go through as a rule of thumb.

Now, please go nice and slow on the product, you don’t need to push it all in like a maniac, or get ready to roam like a brain dead… well you know what happens when one is stoned.

Role more the merrier applies here, you will have to experiment with it, to find just the right balance between the lines.

Also, for the first few times, wait for an hour to see the effects of CBD and how your body is reacting towards it.

You will get to know your ideal dose combination in no time.

Now the Method

Method of the using medical marijuana also a rather new idea, where more often than not people consume it by dropping their perfect dose right beneath their tongues using a dropper, from where it is sucked in by the mucous membranes.

From there your CBD oil is taken to your bloodstream, via this method, your CBD also reaches to your stomach, from where maximum cannabinoids are made to your blood flow.

Now, this is one method, but there are others too.

1. Mixing in food

Many people who do not like the taste of CBD oil opt this method. There are several dishes available online, in which CBD can be used to make the recipes’ taste enrich. Use any of your favorite food recipes and give it a greenish spin.

2. Cocktails

What could be better than a summer smoothie, yes you are right a 420 summer smoothie. You can use it as another excuse to summon your good pal Jack (Daniels).

Nonetheless, it cannot be neglected that mixing CBD with alcohol can turn really sour if you are not doing it without any proper research.

Concluding the Things

So, now that you have read about the appropriate dose and the right method to use CBD, we are pretty sure that you shall be able to redeem your Medical Marijuana Card properly.

CBD is nectar that is being used by humans since ages to cure almost every major illness they have faced, and when it is finally legal, plus the government is opening its conscious towards it, abusing the MMJ will be the worst thing to do, and we do not promote it.

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