An airline ticket agent is responsible for helping passengers pay for their tickets, make seat reservations, and handle baggage. The role is suitable for a candidate with excellent interpersonal skills and who is able to work in shifts, without showing signs of fatigue. Each airline imposes certain requirements, but being courteous, polite and having all the right information about flights and flying conditions in mind is a must.

The airline ticket agent is the company’s representative in front of the client; therefore they are required to follow a strict dress code and a set of rules. The position asks for the ability to handle stress well and be able to defuse tensed situations without letting these escalate. There are no formal education requirements; a high school diploma is enough, as each airline conducts their own in depth training with selected candidates.

When applying to be an airline ticket agent, emphasize your ability to use computer systems while you have a conversation with the clients, great attention to details and any knowledge of foreign languages.

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Tips for Airline Ticket Agent Resumes

Passion for details

They say that the first impression matters and as an airline ticket agent you don’t usually get a second chance to make a positive impression on the client; therefore you should pay excessive attention to every detail, starting with your uniform, personal grooming habits and you choice of words and gestures. A promising candidate is naturally pleasant, welcoming and has a clear voice, which allows him or her to be easily understood by all customers, even non-natives. The role also includes identifying those situations when the passenger could use a little help, such as in the case of mothers with infants or older passengers.

Client communication

The job of the airline ticket agent goes far beyond being a simple sales person and is more about being a brand ambassador. You are required to follow strict etiquette rules for business and don’t let yourself detracted even by the loudest or impolite claims. Always respond, if possible, in the passenger’s native language or one that is easiest to understand and choose your words wisely. When dealing with unhappy customers, remain calm, composed and ask enough questions to understand the cause. Offer immediate compensation or talk to a superior if approval is necessary.

Following rules

Airline travelling is a heavily regulated industry, therefore the definition of a good ticket agent is a professional who can find the best balance between doing everything by the book and accommodating the passenger’s needs, without breaking any safety regulations. This includes the situations when a passenger is reluctant to follow indications, either regarding items allowed in the baggage or passing through safety check.

Airline Ticket Agents Resume Samples

Being a airline ticket agent means that you are able to handle the boarding process, help passengers reserve seats and remind them important safety rules before getting on the plane.

white resume template for airline ticket agent

When applying to be a airline ticket agent, make sure to always read the specific job description and requirements, and highlight your strengths accordingly.

Additional Airline Ticket Agent Resume Tips

  • Computer skills — Part of your job will involve using computer systems to generate tickets, validate payments and reserve seats, or to change tickets for passengers, in case of delays or cancellations. These operations should take as little as possible and answer the client’s demands.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving — As an airline ticket agent, be ready to experience a wide range of problems, unusual requests or difficult situations. For each one you should use the company’s guideline book, general airplane safety rules and your common sense, in an effort to create a pleasant experience for the client.

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