Being an art director can be tricky business in that, even beyond all the different fields that they’re employed in, few directing positions are going to be alike in their expectations for your output. While your portfolio will ultimately be what sells them on your talents, hiring managers use resumes as checkpoints and are unlikely to give serious considerations to anything that shows a poor grasp of the role.

Tips for Art Director Resumes

The Art World(s)

Broadly speaking, art directors work in advertising, film, print media, theatre, and television among possible venues. Each venue is going to have its own specific resume needs and expectations. It helps to write resumes accordingly, and pay attention to not only the job description for that job, but also similar jobs in the field.

The New Wave

Art directors need to be tapped into what’s going on in the creative community, trying to determine what will be the next big hit and what people are already getting sick of. Because of this, research skills are especially important in connecting you to new technologies, new styles, and new contacts. Try to show that you have these talents and can bring them into the workplace.

Herding Cool Cats

Getting art people lined up to do anything can be tricky business. Generally, the best approach is to show you can be a good listener, motivate them in tough times, and to step back when necessary. Showing your leadership skills and promoting the idea that you’ve been a good manager and leader is going to help you prove your value in the role.

Art Director Resume Samples

For those that are in need of additional guidance, consider the following art director resume sample, and try your best to imagine what you can do with your own experience.

If you need the best questions for your next interview, why not build a new resume with that?

Those with art director experience before will have a clear advantage, but even those without that specific experience can still put themselves in a position to get the job with the right resume.

Additional Art Director Resume Tips

  • Serving the Client — Regardless of the environment, the client’s needs come first. You may have to calmly listen to their gut feeling and make adjustments as best you can. Nevertheless, they need to be able to understand what you’re trying to communicate, and so solid interpersonal abilities are prerequisite for the job. Your experience with clients and customer service can be advantageous.
  • Advancing Deadlines — Scheduling and budgeting are frequent constraints within the art direction business. As a result, you should try to be able to cite specific instances of your coming in under estimates in time and resources.
  • Paths In — Art direction isn’t something you pick up in school, although most employers would still like to see a BFA or MFA as a prerequisite. Since it’s more likely to be passed down in mentorship roles, it can be additionally valuable to list names of people you’ve worked under. You never know when a connection may open a door.

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