Whether your passion is teaching or you’re trying to find a new way to think about your own creative work, art instruction can be a rewarding field to work in. From the sculpture to painting and even beyond into 2D and 3D computer graphics, there are many ways an art teacher can help their students to express themselves.

But one of the most popular jobs for art enthusiasts is the art teacher, which means you are competing with many other rivals for the role. That means it will be important to create a resume that shows that you have the talent that will be an asset to the institution.

Tips for Art Teacher Resumes

Art in the Schools

The introduction of A for “arts” into the STEM model — now STEAM — means that art is back in the national plan for education. This opens up opportunities for art instruction in public schools, although each level requires a different sensitivity.

Middle schools take a general approach and dabble in multiple media, whereas elementary schools have to account for engagement and motor skills. High schools and adult education centers get to specialize more in subjects like photography or ceramics. Consider these as you develop targeted resumes.

Creative Organization

As artistic as you may be, it all comes back to teaching your students and making them feel good about what they’re doing and helping them learn. If you have created any successful lesson plans, or you have any evidence that you have successfully trained successful art students in various mediums, this should be highlighted on the resume.

Getting Supplies

Despite the greater acceptance of art in the learning model, the fact remains that many state and local governments are enduring budgetary crises and may not have much to allot to the program. Since art teachers have to develop their own plans for where to spend money, it helps on your resume to be able to show you can do more with less, so that you can keep teaching even in leaner times.

Art Teacher Resume Samples

While art may be highly creative, resumes are often straight and to the point. Consider the following art teacher resume sample:

If you need the best questions for your next interview, why not build a new resume with that?

There is also benefit to making sure you have a template that is not too artistic, because you want the points on your resume to draw the most attention.

Additional Art Teacher Resume Tips

  • Art Speaks — In higher level courses, you may be expected to bring in art history as part of your lesson plans, so any specific references to periods or movements is welcome. Remember also that you can convey your own expertise with words unique to your specialization, like “expressionism” or “pointillism” within painting.
  • Building a Network — There are a number of professional associations for art teachers. Among them, there is the National Art Education Association, the Arts Education Partnership, the Association of Teaching Artists, and the College Art Association. If you’re a member of any of these organizations, mention it, and if not, look into it.
  • The State of Art — The general expectations are that BAs/BFAs will accredit you to work in K-12 education and MFAs are anticipated for teaching at the college level. Beyond that, each state has its own licensing requirements for becoming a teacher, and so it’s important to check in with the board and make sure your resume shows you’re approved.

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