Audit interns are beginners in the financial inspection domain. This is usually a temporary summertime unpaid job for college student looking to get some experience on their resumes for further reference. The role is mostly administrative; the candidate learns about procedures, data analysis, making reports, checking accuracy and gets an introduction in legislative issues.

Audit interns are usually still in college, so a high school diploma will be enough and sometimes one or two recommendation letters from the university are required to highlight the skills of the applicant. Employers look for good team players, able to pay attention and learn fast. Computer skills, communication and assertiveness are highly prized, together with a good track record of school work.

When applying for an audit intern job, it is advisable that you have good skills in logical thinking, risk assessment and communication. If possible chose a company you have previously researched and like the culture, as there is a good chance of being offered a full time job after the internship is done.

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Tips for Audit Intern Resumes


The audit intern is still learning, therefore any employer is more interested in the ability to learn, and the curiosity they show towards the work. In your resume state your desire to know more about this career, and your set of values. At the beginning of a corporate path it pays to be interested in the possible routes you can take. Best candidates ask a lot of questions without being annoying or stopping their mentors from doing their work. It also helps to write down what you learn for further reference.

Logical and analytical minds

Audit interns learn how to embody a financial detective, looking at each document twice to make sure it is according to laws, regulations, internal practices and industry standards and that its scope is genuine and was produced in good faith, as a result of an economic act, not as a cover-up. Use this opportunity to make connections between theory and practice, try to identify real life applications of what you learned at the university. Sometimes a fresh perspective can even uncover some serious problems overlooked by specialists.


Audit interns will not always perform the duties listed in the job advert. Sometimes they will do simple administrative work like answering phone calls, e-mail and preparing documents for meetings. Even if consider yourself overqualified for these tasks try to do your best, showing your professional side at its best. Sometimes the work required is really necessary and there is nobody there to do it, sometimes it is a test from management to see if you fit in the company on the long term.

Audit Intern Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for an audit intern can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

Audit Intern Resume Template and Job Description

When applying to an audit intern job try to highlight in your resume the strong points such as a difficult project you were part of or a dream you want to fulfill.

Additional Audit Intern Resume Tips

  • Team player– The audit intern’s role is as part of a larger team, including senior auditors, financial controllers and so on. The candidate aiming to fill in this position should be comfortable sharing and office and the day’s work with colleagues and superiors. They should be aware of their duties, not afraid to ask for help and willing to receive advice.
  • Puzzle lover — Since most of the audit interns’ work will prepare them for finding reporting flaws, it helps to have a riddle loving nature and an inclination for finding the truth in small details.

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