Large residential and office spaces require dedicated personnel to conduct maintenance work, enforce regulations, make necessary replacements, collect rent and cater to the tenants’ needs. The building superintendent is the professional responsible with all these aspects and more, including checking safety equipments, coordinating the cleaning and security staff.

This is a job fit for a stress resistant individual, with loads of stamina, proactive attitude and a natural problem solver. The best candidates are good communicators, have a few years experience as team leaders and know how to get what they want from subordinates. This job calls for good budgeting skills and an appetite for planning and directing. The applicants are required to have at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in facility management, or leisure management if the employer is a hotel.

When applying and interviewing for a building superintendent job, you need to display in your resume knowledge about building safety standards, budget management and working on multiple project simultaneously.

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Tips for Building Superintendents Resumes

Effortless leader

Since the building superintendent is in charge of all the maintenance and preventive work that needs to be done on the premises, you need to present yourself as the supervisory authority. All on-site staff and third party contractors need to respect your opinions, follow the schedule indicated and report back to you any encountered problem. This calls for an open but firm attitude, good communication skills to make sure the people understand what you ask of them and treating them right for a long and fruitful collaboration.

Meticulous planning

The building superintendent is the man with the list. You will have checklists for things that need to be verified for accuracy and functioning and to do lists for things that need to be replaced. Keeping in mind that prevention is better than repair, you need to know the estimated life cycle of each item and order supplies to replace them ahead of time to avoid accidents and ensure all systems are running smoothly for the tenants’ comfort. For actions that need to be done and have the potential to be uncomfortable, like pest control, inform tenants about the mild distress.

Budget master

A building superintendent works within a given budget, therefore they need to make realistic estimates of possible costs and staff payroll or third party contractors. Some good negotiation skills can help you stay within set boundaries and receiving an emergency fund from the management can only help fix the results of unexpected accidents.

Building Superintendents Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for building superintendent can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

building superintendent resume template

When applying to a building superintendent, make sure to always read the specific job description and requirements, and adjust the resume accordingly.

Additional Building Superintendents Resume Tips

  • Safety certifications — As buildings are required to comply to strict safety rules, the superintended is the everyday enforcer of these and needs to show proficiency in OSHA and HVAC standards to avoid hazards. Attach copies of relevant certifications to the resume.
  • Real estate knowledge — The building superintendent is sometimes in charge of collecting rent or presenting the premises to potential clients. Having some good client relations abilities and some flair for real estate helps. Get ready to explain the top points of the building and the requirements of the contract.

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