Most dentists choose to hire help in their practice, in the form of a certified dental assistant. This job implies helping the dentist by talking to patients, preparing them for the intervention, looking after the equipment, replacing supplies or sterilizing instruments. Some of the best dental assistants are even able to operate an X-ray machine and create dental scans, necessary during treatment, while others who are less experienced can help with administrative duties.

The daily duties depend on the dentist’s needs, but all of them require an individual who is knowledgeable, has excellent dexterity and is also a good people person, treating the patients with empathy and talking with them, explaining the procedures to eliminate fear and minimize discomfort. The educational requirements include at least an associate degree and special certification as a dental assistant.

When applying and interviewing for a certified dental assistant job, the most important part of your resume is showing abilities to fulfill the role and relevant previous experience.

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Tips for Certified Dental Assistants Resumes

Dexterity and dental knowledge

The certified dental assistant should have a steady hand and help the dentist while performing various procedures on patients. Usually they need to hold various instruments to give the dentist more visibility or hand instruments as requested, which implies the fact that they have a thorough knowledge of the equipment used in the dental practice. When they are not helping directly, they are required to restock supply cabinets, sterilize instruments in the autoclave or order new supplies, according to inventory levels.

Communication skills

Usually the certified dental assistant is welcoming patients in the dental practice, helping them with initial administrative requirements, explaining the general conditions and answering any questions related to after care. The most important task is to help them feel at ease and release some of the tension and fear which are usually associated with dental treatments. Since the assistant is usually responsible with administrative tasks, they need to have excellent telephone and e-mail etiquette.

Organizational Skills

This is a good job for the highly organized. Duties include keeping an agenda, scheduling patients in a way that maximizes income and avoids waiting for the patient and exhaustion for the dentist. Good to have skills include being able to use a digital systems, e-mail, digital platforms and calendars. Other tasks are related to cleaning the office, sanitizing and creating a pleasant environment in the waiting room.

Certified Dental Assistants Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for certified dental assistant can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

blank template for certified dental assistant

Certified dental assistant candidates should always read the specific job description and requirements, and they should make sure that their resume matches them.

Additional Certified Dental Assistants Resume Tips

  • Marketing knowledge — The certified dental assistant could help the practice by promoting it when there are fewer patients. Updating a website, posting on social media or sending out feed-back forms can all make a difference in the patients’ perception of the dental practice as more customer oriented and friendly.
  • Technical certifications — If you have followed certain courses like dental technician, X-ray equipment operation, dental hygiene or similar and you are qualified in these areas, please include such information in your resume and attach copies of the diplomas.

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