Where an organization’s assets are concerned, the chief financial officer is the highest authority available. Among their responsibilities, a CFO helps to direct an institution’s financial future and liaises with shareholders and investors to present the fiscal outlook. Suffice to say, anyone applying for such a position needs to have a wealth of experience and be meticulous in their attentions while drafting their resume.

Tips for Chief Financial Officer Resumes

Managing Funds

In addition to supervising accounting practices for the company and signing off on changes, the CFO is obligated to provide advice regarding any major risks, effectively providing an early alert system to the rest of executive management. Additionally, when annual reports need to be presented or funds solicited from investors, the CFO is the one to take point. Thus, attentiveness, negotiation skills, and clear communication should all be integral to a CFO’s resume as the figurehead for the ledger.

Financial Oversight

Unlike the controller, the CFO needs to not only understand what the money is doing, but how operations within a company are conducted. As the person who sets budgets for R&D, marketing, pay scales, and benefits via HR, CFOs need to have a clear understanding of all that’s happening within an organization so that they can make informed decisions on where to direct cash flow. A CFO resume that lacks this broader knowledge is less likely to be hired.

Investment Strategy

Another reason why a nuanced perspective is vital to the CFO is because they can often play key roles in developing short- and long-term plans. CFOs need to be able to determine when to pursue new efficiencies and funding sources as well as how to respond to the market and their competition. On your resume, the ability to project and determine the right balance between debt, equity, and financing is extremely important, especially to bigger financial players.

The Amount of Evidence

Above all else, the CFO resume should be able to demonstrate that you have managed to achieve something. CFOs are also creative decision makers. That means you should have numbers to support your abilities, and evidence that you can create lasting, meaningful changes. If you don’t have numbers, consider discussing larger scale decisions you’ve made that have been adapted into previous companies.

Chief Financial Officer Resume Samples

The resumes of those applying to CFO are often filled with valuable information, and in some cases may spread to two or more pages in a way that is usually taboo. But the following is an example of a one page CFO resume:

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Professionalism is perhaps the most important feature of the right template, and your knowledge should be highlighted in a way that proves your abilities in the field.

Additional Chief Financial Officer Resume Tips

  • Big Demands, Small Demands — Working for a larger organization, a CFO will have an accounting team beneath them doing grunt work. However, in mid-sized or lower, CFO duties may overlap with those of the controller, and in small operations, they may do the bulk of the accounting themselves, but less overall projection. Every CFO resume should consider the needs of these companies before applying.
  • Advisory Roles — Because of the points listed above, the CFO is often looked to for advice by other executives. To ensure your overall credibility, supplement your resume with knowledge of industry changes, the ability to translate raw numbers into a plan, historical knowledge of the organization’s finances, and instances where your initiatives saved money or lowered risk.
  • Industry Credibility — CFOs can still work up the ranks by force of work ethic and talent, although increasingly, they are being brought in with advanced certifications and degree. CPAs and CMAs are often preferred credentials, and beyond that, doctorates in accounting, economics, or business are possible difference-makers.

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