Commercial truck drivers are responsible for delivering goods from warehouses to retailers following a tight schedule and making sure no transportation or driving rules are broken. They should check the maximum load to be within the allowed limits, ensure that the vehicle is in top condition before each trip and are also accountable for having all the justifying documents for the freight.

This is a job for an individual with good stamina, as sometimes it could mean several days on the road. Mechanical knowledge is required to be able to check the technical state and make minor repairs. A candidate applying to this job is not required any formal education, but having a clean driver’s license with CDL qualification is mandatory and most employers ask for a few years of experience too.

When applying to work as commercial truck driver, show that you are aware of industry requirements, are able to perform route coordination, use the log and know all about documentation to avoid fines.

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Tips for Commercial Truck Driver Resumes

Excellent driving abilities

Having a CDL is just the first step; you need to have good skills in driving various types of trucks, from light and medium trucks to 18 wheelers, regardless of the weather conditions, by adapting speed and using additional items, like snow chains, to make sure you arrive on time and with no incidents. It is a good idea to mention in your resume the number of years of experience, an approximate number of kilometers covered and the ability to drive auto or manual transmission vehicles. Driving includes route planning, so give a few examples of devices you can use and your ability to remain safe and follow dispatcher’s recommendations. Mention the types of vehicles you drove and your experience level with each.

Vehicle maintenance

Your truck is both your workplace and sometimes even your home away from home, so it makes sense to keep it in top shape, so that you have a safe and comfortable journey every day. You are required to perform at least basic check-up like fluid levels, tire pressure and safety systems (lights, brakes, direction and steering). In case of a failure, you can either fix it yourself, like replacing a light bulb or adding some more oil, or visit a certified service.

Safety records

Every journey you make has its dangers and you are responsible for goods worth from a few thousands to potentially millions, so you are required to follow strict regulations that ensure freight will reach the destination on time and in good condition. State your current record of safety; make sure you mention specific certification, like OSHA and DOT, and your ability to comply with state and federal regulations for the specific merchandise you deliver.

Commercial Truck Driver Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for commercial truck driver can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

white resume template for a commercial truck driver

When applying to work as a commercial truck driver, make sure to always read the specific job description and requirements, and adjust the resume accordingly.

Additional Commercial Truck Driver Resume Tips

  • Time management — This ability helps you remain safe and don’t push to be on time. Depending on the weather conditions, distance and type of loading, you need to estimate exactly how long the journey will take and inform the manager or logistics director of any schedule change.
  • Health state — As this is a physically demanding job and fatigue can be fatal, you need to take regular health check-ups and have good scores. Be ready to visit the doctor’s office for an exam and the optician’s office to see if you have 20/20 vision.

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