Corporations usually have a whole team of accountants, as the amount of work regarding cash flows, payments and receivables surpasses the abilities of a single person. The corporate tax accountant is a specialist who deals only with the problem of tax statements and returns and constantly looks for ways of cutting the amounts that need to be paid, always working within legal boundaries, but taking advantage of all opportunities.

This is a senior position for a well versed specialist in accounting, legal provisions and regulatory compliance, as this role implies handling all tax related paperwork in detail, creating budgets and participating in audits and tax authorities’ controls. The applicant must have at least a bachelor’s degree, a CPA certification and have excellent mathematical and analytical skills, completed by knowledge of GAAP practices.

When applying to a corporate tax accountant position, highlight your work ethic, any management and supervisory experience you have, as you will be in charge of other people, as well as your analytical and technical abilities.

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Tips for Corporate Tax Accountant Resumes

Logic and analysis

A great corporate tax accountant is able to organize documents in categories to ease his work when preparing the tax statements. In this process, they try to identify if the company is able to benefit from any legally mentioned tax exemptions and deductions, such as moving expenses, threshold revenues and donation to tax-exempted organizations like charities. It is your duty to have a list or know by heart all the possible situations that can save you money and try to see if they apply for your organization.

Math skills

As a corporate tax accountant you will be the person responsible to perform, or at least check the accuracy of all the forms submitted to IRS. These should be in sync with each other and the statements from previous years, or need to be reconciled before sending them in the authorities’ mailbox. Simple math skills performed with great accuracy are key to avoiding penalties and complaints.

Procedures and regulations

As a corporate tax accountant you are in search of the best options for your company and you can only win at this game by having excellent knowledge of the rules and procedures. The person filling this role is supposed to remain up to date with all the changes to laws and fiscal regulations. When such an exemption or deduction is introduced in the fiscal code, the tax accountant must study the application guideline and see if this is something the corporation can benefit from.

Corporate Tax Accountant Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for corporate tax accountant can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

corporate tax accountant resume template

When applying to a corporate tax accountant job, try to highlight in your resume strong points such as detail orientation and being extremely organized.

Additional Corporate Tax Accountant Resume Tips

  • Business strategy — Sometimes the accountant is seen as a valuable member of the strategy team, as based on his or her advice, the company can define budgets or can decide to go into new directions, including funding certain NGOs, doing CSR or similar, to benefit from deductions.
  • Leadership and mentoring — As this is a senior position, the individual holding it should be able to provide guidance and mentoring to their team, composed of accountants and interns. The duties don’t stop at doing the right thing today, but growing the next generation.

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