An electrical foreman’s duties include supervising the team of electrical workers or linemen. This role is a senior and managerial one, the foreman has to divide work, perform quality checks and work reception and maintain good relations with the client. Most specialists filling this position have at least 7–10 years experience and have been promoted to this role after demonstrating excellent technical abilities as well as leadership skills.

An electrical foreman is expected to be knowledgeable about electrical circuits, wiring, safety when working with circuits or working at heights. The soft skills are also important, as the electrical foreman keeps in contact with clients, facility managers and authorities. Most candidates have graduated from a vocational or technical school and have been certified as electricians, although some have bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering.

When applying to work as an electrical foreman, knowledge of industry standards and safety assurance are necessary. Highlight them by showing relevant certifications. Time management and the ability to act as a liaison between client and team are also sought after skills.

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Tips for Electrical Foreman Resumes

Electrical skills

As an electrical foreman you are requested to prove extensive experience in installing, servicing and controlling power systems. Even if you will not perform the work yourself, you still need to know what to ask from the team and to be able to demonstrate correct usage of tools and the right way of performing each task to avoid fire hazards and other dangers. Give examples of the intended work, perform troubleshooting and list your previous assignments in working with different installed power options and different types of power lines, such as single phase and three phase — 120/240, 120/208, 277/480.

Leadership and interpersonal skills

Since the electrical foreman usually directs small teams, they need to be able to be recognized as the leaders and have the other electricians and workers naturally follow their advice and comply to the assigned duties. This calls for simple and straightforward communication skills. If the foreman is in charge of training apprentices they need to offer both verbal explanations and demonstrations.

Customer service

The electrical foreman is the team’s interface with the client. This person is responsible for negotiating the price of the work, explaining any delays in the work and coming up with acceptable solutions for all parts involved, while maintaining a professional attitude and drawing the necessary documentation.

Electrical Foreman Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for electrical foreman can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

electrical forearm resume template

When applying to work as a electrical foreman, make sure to always read the specific job description and requirements, and adjust the resume accordingly.

Additional Electrical Foreman Resume Tips

  • Special Certifications — As the electrical foreman is responsible for the well being of his team, it is mandatory for him to be a good example when it comes to safety and to be the one that could lend a helping hand in case of an unfortunate event. OSHA standards, medical certifications, such as First Aid, CPR and AED are sometimes required specifically, other times nice to have.
  • Equipment handling — The electrical foreman is supposed to be able to operate a wide range of tools and machinery, necessary to fulfill building site work and even to train apprentices in using them. List in your resume the equipments you feel confident using or even servicing.

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