An electrician helper’s main duties involve providing help to the electricians. Tasks might include preparing the materials that will be used, stocking supplies, labeling, and providing brute force when necessary. Cleaning tools and the work environment once the job is finished are also included.

Although no formal training is necessary and most things are learned on the job by hands-on training, usually a high schools diploma is good to have, especially if you are aiming higher.

An electrician helper will get knowledge of electrical circuits, wiring, rigging, power tools, installing underground or overhead circuits, sound systems and alarm systems.

When applying to work as an electrician helper, knowledge of industry standards is not mandatory, but the ability to follow strict guidelines and to learn is compulsory, as this job could have deadly consequences if good practices are not in place.

Tips for Electrician helper Resumes

Professional Skills

An electrician helper should know the types of equipment used, the names of the power tools and the types of supplies the main electrician could ask for during a particular task. They should also be able to accurately read different measuring tool’s outputs, record results and perform different actions even in harsh outdoor conditions. Having auxiliary skills including pole climbing, utilitarian climbing should be highlighted in a resume as these could give a competitive edge.

An electrician helper should be able to do some simple replacements (light bulbs, sockets, switches) on his own, as well as checking faulty parts of the circuit.

Equipment Operating Skills

An electrician helper works with a wide range of tools, most of which are hand-held tools like drills, saws, angular, etc. Knowing how to properly use each of them is part not only of the job, but personal safety. Those with no previous knowledge should not count on beginner’s luck and ask their team leader for a qualification course, or at least a hands-on training.

Team-working and Leadership Skills

Since the Electrician helper’s role is to assist the main electrician or as a member of a bigger construction team, this job calls for good communication skills and the ability to coordinate with other workers to get the job done. Communication should be simple, direct, identifying the problems and proposing solutions and replying to make the team leader aware of the fact that you get the task’s requirements.

Electrician helper Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for electrician helper can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

electrician helper resume and job description
job description and resume templates

When applying to work as an electrician helper, make sure of always reading the specific job description and requirements, and adjust the resume accordingly.

Additional Electrician helper Resume Tips

  • Electronics Knowledge — The electrician helper could be a first step in an electro-related career, therefore if you have any knowledge about more delicate items such as PC motherboards, micro-controllers and other types of small integrated circuits make sure you highlight this.
  • Certifications — The primary goal of an electrician helper is to perform assigned tasks in a safe way, following internal or widely acknowledged regulations. Write in the resume if you have attended any certification courses such as OSHA standards.

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