The national healthcare system pairs every individual with a family physician or a family practice doctor. The role of this professional is to treat mild conditions by prescribing medication and following the patient’s evolution and to refer the patient to other medical specialists if the illness is more severe and requires special intervention.

A family physician is required to have a doctoral degree in medicine and is allowed to do this job after completing a residency as a general practitioner. During this time they learn about treating both adults and children, taking care of chronically ill patients and diagnosing the most common conditions. The family physician is also responsible for providing nutrition advice and monitoring pregnant women. They need to be professional, empathetic and able to provide relevant examinations by using dedicated medical equipment.

When applying and interviewing for a family physician, remember to highlight your knowledge about diagnosis, references about your bedside manner and your ability to make the right decisions under pressure.

Tips for Family Physician Resumes

Empathy and communication

Since the family physician deals with people suffering from various illnesses, they need to show first a human side and then move on to the medical assessment of the situation. The first tool in correct diagnosis is communication and a good general practitioner is able to ask the right questions to narrow down the spectrum of possible diseases. The physician should be able to communicate about symptoms by using everyday language all patients, even less educated ones or small children can understand.

Medical knowledge

Although communication can be a great diagnosis tool, the family physician needs to be able to use medical equipment and read laboratory test results to provide top quality medical services. Such a professional is required to operate basic tools such as the stethoscope, the tensiometer, a portable vital signs monitor and the EKG. Knowledge also includes a good judgment about the necessary tests to be performed on the patient and recommending the right treatment. When the illness is severe, the role of the family physician is to recommend the patient to visit a specialist and to inform the specialist through a medical letter about investigations performed so far and results obtained.

Organized and meticulous

A skilled family physician is able to keep track of all their patients and build up a schedule which included regular consultations, house visits and leaves an opening for last minute emergencies. Organization is also necessary when it comes to keeping personal medical records for patients, the best have both a hard copy stored and are using a digital system too for convenience and easy communication with other specialists.

Family Physicians Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for family physicians can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

Family physicians are encouraged to show their ability to provide care, recommend a healthy lifestyle for all ages and emphasize the importance of prevention over treatment.

Additional Family Physicians Resume Tips

  • House visits — Since family physicians have a close relationship with their patients they are expected to perform house visits when the patient is unable to come in to the medical practice, such as in the case of new mothers, patients with casts or those who have been advised to rest in a protective environment. It helps if the physician has a driver’s license.
  • Education and training abilities –Most family doctors who serve a community are asked to give presentations about various health topics like the importance of balanced nutrition and exercise, prevention of STDs and more. Give examples of your ability to talk about such subjects in a convincing manner.

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