The general warehouse worker is expected to perform physical labor necessary to load and unload merchandise, packing items for shipments, storing goods according to instructions, labeling containers and organizing the area. The work is intense and the workers are expected to follow strict safety protocols to avoid injuries and work accidents.

This job is best fit to young workers, mostly men, but women can also find a place, performing more office duties that don’t include heavy lifting. Workers aiming to be considered for the job don’t require formal education, a high school diploma or even less is enough. The best candidates have practical skills and have been certified as forklift drivers to help them move pallets.

When applying to a job as a general warehouse worker, be sure to present yourself as a team player, able to follow instructions and pay attention to your supervisor, always making sure both you and your colleagues are safe and following the work plan.

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Tips for General Warehouse Worker Resumes

Warehouse operations

A general warehouse worker will perform various duties in the warehouse like moving goods, stacking them according to internal rules. Other duties include checking packages, performing inventories and audits for conformity, labeling boxes, separating goods in smaller batches and repackaging them to be shipped. A lot of manual and physical labor is expected from such a worker who needs to load and unload boxes from conveyor belts and hand dollies. Not only do they have to work hard, but they also need to keep organized, creating the records related to the manipulated goods.

Helpful team member or leader

Warehouse workers are distributed in teams and they need good collaboration skills, as most of the work can’t be performed by a single individual. Good candidates are positive, friendly and look after their teammates, ensuring there are no immediate dangers. Team leaders are usually selected from the more experienced workers and should have the ability to make people listen and follow them.

Using dedicated equipment

Although work in the warehouse is done mostly using own strength, sometimes it is necessary to operate special equipments like forklifts, pallet jacks for which you should have a permit. To produce necessary documentation you need to use hand held scanners, office and copying equipment and a computer to send orders or communicate with headquarters. Some warehouses give workers access to cleaning equipment that needs special care when operating. Be sure you highlight your abilities to use each of these types of technology or ask for directions if you are not sure.

General Warehouse Worker Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for general warehouse worker can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

General Warehouse Worker resume-page-001

When applying to work as a general warehouse worker, make sure to always read the specific job description and requirements, and adjust the resume accordingly, focusing on your strengths and experience, if any.

Additional General Warehouse Worker Resume Tips

  • Workplace safety — The general warehouse worker will be required to follow a safety course, learning how to avoid dangerous situations at the workplace. If you already have experience in this area, be sure to put this in the resume.
  • Report generation — If you are looking to advance in the logistics industry and use this as an entry level position, demonstrate that you can create relevant documents accompanying the merchandise, that you understand the process, not only perform tasks mindlessly. Take part in inventory counts and create accurate paperwork.

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