The HR coordinators’ duties revolve around finding the right people to fill in the positions open by their employers. The job requires a positive, full of energy person with good leadership and team-work skills, who can evaluate candidates, assess their knowledge and work style, comparing their fit to the culture of the company they want to join.

A bachelor degree is usually required for entry level positions and a master’s degree is preferred for higher ranked and better paid levels, like manager or team-leader. These professionals are usually responsible for selecting candidates, arranging training for the newly hired and helping with other HR duties such as payroll, filling in during maternal or paternal leave, giving benefits and generally following employment laws and regulations.

When applying and interviewing for an HR coordinator job, highlight in your resume any previous people management experience, as well as your ability to work with a wide array of employees coming from different backgrounds.

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Tips for HR Coordinators Resumes

Organization is key

The HR coordinator’s day is filled with small tasks that are time consuming. Great planning and organization skills are required in order to check all the items off the daily duties list. Sorting CVs, scheduling and attending interviews, ensuring all payroll data are in the system might seem like easy things, but when they add up, it becomes obvious why a diligent person is needed in this position.

Easy interactions

HR coordinators are usually the first contact of potential employees with the organization, therefore they need to have good communication skills, be open and positive, so that they hopefully attract the best talent for their employer. Once a person is hired, it is also within their duties to instruct the new employee and help them settle in their roles.

Good written communication skills are also on the job description, since a lot of the pre-interview communication is done via e-mails to save time.

Law knowledge

The legislation regarding employment is though and gets new additions every day, therefore having a good grasp of existing rules and regulations and constantly updating it is the way to remain relevant in this line of work.

HR Coordinators Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for HR coordinator can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

HR coordinator resume template

When applying to an HR coordinator job, make sure you match your skills with the requirements of the job description to maximize your chances and highlight any previous training or management positions you had.

Additional HR coordinators Resume Tips

  • Multitasking — As a HR coordinator you will need to cater to different tasks, sometimes simultaneously. Highlight your ability to keep things under control and offer stellar results on tight deadlines and under pressure.
  • Creating reports — Don’t forget that an important part of the job means keeping accurate reports of people evaluated, people hired and the track records of employees’ performance. Showcase your ability to create relevant and comprehensive files, as well as using dedicated software to do so.

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