As technology is playing an increasingly important role in business management, the IT Business Analyst role is in demand. This job includes assisting during the business needs analysis, developing the scheme for process requirements, analyzing those requirements in order to support multiple stakeholders, drawing-up the tech solutions and educating the end users to exploit the software or platforms.

A good IT Business Analyst is experienced in working in cross-functional teams, has a passion for process improvement, has the ability to create user personas in order to simulate the possible needs of different users. In order to be efficient, the individual aiming for this role has a good grasp of working within constraints, such as time, budget and internal regulations or existing technology.

An IT Business Analyst job means the ability to translate necessity into technology, therefore previous experience as a business consultant or sales person can set you apart from other candidates.

Tips for IT Business Analyst Resumes

Technical Skills

The IT Business analyst is responsible to build or customize of-the-shelf tools for business processes, usually processing large amounts of data, therefore SQL/ Access knowledge is necessary. Most companies require SAP proficiency (BA, Functional or end user).

Knowledge of specific tools such as .Net technologies (C#, SQL server) or Microsoft Sharepoint are a bonus according to employers.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem solving is the main activity of an analyst, regardless of the domain they work in. Defining the problem, structuring the data according to a certain workflow, looking for solutions and testing the best ones, are all part of the duty. The day-to-day tasks include the ability to translate business processes into logical schemes, which will be converted into code bits. Testing, developing test scenarios and identifying failures in the constructed dashboard are also required, as well as documenting the process.

Communication Skills

Since the IT Business Analyst’s work takes place together with members from different departments, each having different technical levels, in order to identify faults in existing processes and propose solutions, a good analyst should know how to find the common ground between all parties. Explaining technical notions in laymen terms and converting user requirements into code are two of the most challenging tasks of the job.

IT Business Analyst Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for IT Business Analyst can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

IT Business Analyst Resume
if you need a job description for becoming an I professional, this can help

When applying to a BI Analyst job try to highlight in the resume the notable past achievements and not just a list of past jobs.

Additional IT Business Analyst Resume Tips

  • Continuous learning– An IT Business Analyst needs to remain up to date with technology, which is changing at an exponential rate, therefore a passion for life-long learning is mandatory as to remain connected to the latest trends and propose relevant solutions to the clients.
  • Specific frameworks– A IT Business Analyst’s software toolkit should include notions about Scrum/Agile, Lean &Six Sigma, SDLC. In depth knowledge of existing software is not optional, together with knowledge on software development methodologies (Agile/ Waterfall) and other standards, including electronic data interchange (EDI).

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