List of Job Websites for Your Next Career

Before you send in your resume and well before you are invited to a job interview, you have to first find an advertisement for a job that appeals to you. In the past, that meant scoping for classified ads in the local newspaper.

But the internet exists now, and with it comes the ability to search for jobs that match your skillset. These job websites, known as “job boards,” allow companies to post job advertisements with all of the details and qualifications related to the position, and provide potential job seekers with a way of applying to the open position.

Common Job Websites Across All Industries

Most employers are looking to find the largest audience that they can. That means using some of the largest and most user-friendly job boards to advertise their jobs.

There are industry-specific job boards as well (such as job websites for accountants, or job websites for engineers, etc. — we’ll have more on those in a moment), but most employers will still use the largest websites available, because they know that that’s where most job seekers are likely to look.

The following are some of the largest and most successful job websites for searching for jobs, no matter what industry you’re working in:

These are only a fraction of the larger job websites available, and each one has subsections for specific careers, such as administrative, marketing and sales, construction, and more. Most employers will post open jobs on these websites, simply because they reach the largest audience with the least amount of work.

Industry Specific Job Websites

Of course, not every employer will post directly on these boards. Some recruiters prefer to use industry specific job boards. These are job boards that only post job in a specific field, hoping to attract individuals that have knowledge and experience in that field.

Industry specific job websites are often smaller and less user friendly than the larger job boards. But for those that are looking for a new career, it may still be worth exploring them on occasion to see if any jobs are open. The following are some of the job boards that are currently available for specific industry related jobs.

Administrative and Clerical Job Search Websites

Those that want to work in administrative and clerical jobs will often find them marketed almost entirely on major job websites, because many companies hire first time employee. But you can also find some admin-specific job ads on websites that include:

Accountant and Auditor Job Search Websites

Companies are looking for skilled accountants, which often means trying to take accounting job openings directly to the people that have the most experience. That is why they may advertise those jobs on websites that include:

Animal Care Job Search Websites

For many, the idea of working with animals would be a dream come true. So to find those jobs, you may need to look beyond the major job search engines, and instead look at animal care related job boards, including:

Art/Creative Design Job Search Websites

The following are some jobs that are available for creatives. You can also find freelance work on websites like UpWork and DesignCrowd, but for those looking for consistent employment, consider websites like the following:

Banking and Finance Job Search Websites

If you’re looking for jobs in banking, don’t forget to check individual banks for job ads. Many of them have job openings and application portals available. But you can also find banking jobs on the following websites:

Business Management Job Search Websites

From starting managers to CEOs, the position of manager or supervisor is one that few businesses can leave to chance. So they may advertise on manager specific websites in order to open themselves up to experts in the field. Some of these sites include:

Business Strategy Job Search Websites

For those that want a career in business strategy, networking is going to give you the best chance to catch a job. But there are certainly some websites that are dedicated to business strategists, including the following:

Charity and Non-Profit Job Search Websites

Non-profits have a desperate need for those willing to make a difference. That is why they may advertise their jobs on any number of websites, including several non-profit, charity, and volunteer related websites such as:

Childcare Job Search Websites

Whether you want to get started in a career in child care or you are an expert that has worked with children your entire life, you’ll want to consider alternative websites to find great careers other than simply the standard job board, including:

Construction Job Search Websites

Construction companies often use public job boards like Craigslist and Indeed because that’s where many of their applicants are looking. But some will seek out other job boards to post open positions, including:

Education Job Search Websites

If a job in education was posted in a large, well known job board, it would likely attract many non-teacher applicants that do not know what the field is like. That is why in education, using a specific job board is very common, especially one of the following:

Engineering Job Search Websites

Companies need the best of the best when it comes to engineers. If that means they need to post their jobs on an engineering job board, then that’s what they will do hoping to find the right talent. For job seekers, the following job search engines may be helpful:

Fashion Job Search Websites

Fashion jobs can be hard to come by, so it’s important to look anywhere you can to see if there are open positions. Some of the websites you can explore for fashion jobs include:

Fitness Job Search Websites

If you’re looking for a job in fitness, don’t forget to check out local gyms and fitness centers and see if they have any listings. You may also want to consult the following fitness job search engines:

Healthcare and Pharmacy Job Search Websites

Healthcare is such a broad field that limiting yourself to major search engines could make it harder for you to find a job that matches your skillset. The following websites are also useful for finding jobs in healthcare and pharmacy:

Hospitality Job Search Websites

Working in hotels and hospitality is unlike other forms of customer service. That is why many companies looking for hospitality help will use special job search engines to post these open positions. Some of the websites include:

HR Job Search Websites

One might say that if you work in HR, you should probably have a few websites you plan to search already for open human resource jobs. But there are some websites that are specific to HR jobs, including:

Insurance Industry Job Search Websites

Many insurance companies are happy to take people on staff. If you have considered working in the insurance industry, the following insurance specific websites may help:

IT Job Search Websites

There are countless places to find tech jobs, and many companies post jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and more. But for those top talents that are looking for a specific career and have not found it on the larger job sites, consider the following:

Law Enforcement Job Search Websites

There is no more noble career than working in law enforcement. So it should come as little surprise that law enforcement agencies do not simply post open jobs for “police officer” or “fireman” on popular job boards. You may need to look at your local city, county, or state office, or some of the following search engines:

Maintenance and Repair Job Search Websites

Those that work in a very “Hands On” way need to be able to find careers that match their skillset. The following are some popular job websites for maintenance, repair, HVAC experts, and more.

Marketing, Advertising, and Customer Service Job Search Websites

Working in marketing and advertising requires a very special skillset and knowledge of an always changing field. Marketing jobs are very popular on large job boards, but if you’re also looking for some specific job sites, consider the following:

Medical Job Search Websites

There are countless medical job sites, as well as jobs related to healthcare. Individual hospitals and research centers will often advertise their jobs on their own websites as well. If you’re looking for some healthcare and medical related job sites, consider the following:

Retail Job Search Websites

The best way to get a retail job is to go to the retail store’s website and apply, or walk into the store and ask for an application. But you can also find several websites dedicated to retail job openings, including:

Sales Job Search Websites

Those that want to embark on a sales career should try to find a company that matches their skillset and passion. That may mean searching sales-specific job sites including:

Transportation Job Search Websites

Depending on the type of transportation job, you may need to look at education job boards (for school bus drivers), state jobs (for public drivers), etc. But private sector jobs may be posted on their own job boards, including:

Warehouse and Logistics Job Search Websites

Warehouses are in frequent need of staff members, and while many advertise their jobs on public and popular large-scale job websites, others may use some of the smaller websites including:

Other Places to Look for Work

You should also not limit yourself to these websites. There are many different other locations that you can look for work, and finding them depends on where you live, what your career is, what your experience may be, and more. Here are some tips to find other job advertisements online:

  • Look at Company Websites — Find the companies that you’re most interested in looking for and check their websites for a “Careers” page. Many companies post open positions on their own website long before they advertise them elsewhere, because they want applicants that know their company and genuinely want to work for them — not simply those that found their company in a routine job search.
  • Check Local Job Sites — You may find jobs locally that you would not be able to find on these larger sites. For example, government jobs are usually advertised on the city or county website. Local online newspapers may also have their own job boards. All of these can be found by searching for your city or county in Google along with the word “jobs.”
  • Utilize Social Media — LinkedIn is a professional social media site that more and more employers use to recruit skilled workers. But even Facebook and Twitter may be worth looking. Some companies promote open jobs on their social media before they are open to the public. There may also be Facebook pages or Twitter pages used by recruiters to post open positions.
  • Recruitment Companies — Similarly, look up local recruitment companies and see if they have sections available for job seekers. Some local recruitment companies do not advertise positions on job boards, but may post the details of the position on their own websites.

Find Your Next Career

Those that are looking to embark on a new career should be willing to look around and see if they can find a job that not only matches their skillset, but is also with an employer that interests them. Most of the time that can be completed using some of the most common job sites, like StartJobs and Indeed.

But in some cases, it may be in your best interests to seek out other job boards, as well as company websites and more to try to find a place to send in your resume. You never know where the next great job may be hiding.

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