Medical companies make sales of millions; therefore the responsibility on the shoulders of their sales representatives is substantial. The role implies visiting doctors’ offices, presenting the offer, demonstrating use and capabilities of the product or at least showing results of laboratory tests in the case of a device which requires longer use to be effective.

As any sales representatives, those focusing on the medical sector require excellent communication abilities, public speaking skills and not being afraid to launch into negotiations. Since doctors have a busy schedule they are required to have excellent time management skills, be always punctual and keep their pitch short and to the point. The educational requirement may vary, although most candidates have a bachelor’s degree, qualification fields varying from marketing to healthcare sciences.

When applying and interviewing for a medical sales representative job, be ready to show your skills in working in a fast paced environment, using technology to manage a client database, and your ability to travel.

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Tips for Medical Sales Representatives Resumes

Fast learner and keen presenter

A medical sales representative needs to know all the advantages and disadvantages of the products they are working with, especially compared to competitors. Even if they have no medical background, they are still required to learn a good deal of medical terms, names of procedures and other characteristics that could make clients accept the deal. Furthermore, they need to present these items in context, identifying the problem and offering a viable solution.

Communication and rapport building

People buy from people, not companies. It is important to start the presentation by building rapport and gaining trust before throwing in the pitch. You need to have excellent active listening skills and find a good time for your potential client, a moment when they are able to pay attention and you are not intruding. Oral communication is important, but written skills are equally valuable, as most of the details will be given in an e-mail. Telephone communication is paramount and a sought after skill.

Organizational abilities

You need to be able to organize events, take part in conferences or visit a potential client’s office, sometimes all in the same day. This requires a diligent approach to your agenda and having a clear knowledge about how long each duty takes, taking into consideration traveling and other necessary activities, like setting up the presentation stand.

Medical Sales Representatives Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for medical sales representatives can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

blank resume template showing the medical sales representative

Medical sales representatives are encouraged to showcase their abilities to build relevant leads and prospects databases, using technology to hit sales targets and being results oriented.

Additional Medical Sales Representatives Resume Tips

  • Competition analysis — The best candidates for this job are able to scan the methods and techniques used by competitors and adjust their pitch and offer accordingly. To succeed in this line of work you need both business acumen and a solid network that can introduce you to clients as a trustworthy professional.
  • Numerical achievements –You are as valuable as the sales you are able to generate, therefore it is a good idea to demonstrate your capacities by using numbers that speak for themselves, including volume or value of sales, surpassing monthly targets or revenue growth generated.

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