Efficiency is the governing rule of modern workplaces and relying on each professional to quantify his own is not enough. Large corporations and governments hire dedicated professionals to assess the way operations could be improved both in terms of the systems used, the number of man-hours or as regards the output. These people are named program analysts and usually have a computer science or business back-ground, with at least a bachelor’s degree.

A program analyst has top examining abilities and is able to see where there are improvements to be made that could save important costs or speed up processes. Quality is also on their mind, they don’t only aim to reduce resource waste, but do it while maintaining the same level of service or security.

This is a role that requires good written communication skills, since the main deliverable of the job consists of accurate reports and recommendations that will be subject to approval and implementation. Literacy in computer systems is also necessary, as most processes have a high degree of automations nowadays.

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Tips for Program Analyst Resumes

Analysis and synthesis

The program analyst should be able to extract the company’s or governmental organization’s existing patterns from analyzing existing data, including financial statements, invoices, expenses, purchases and payroll extracts. These numbers can uncover deficiencies, unjustified expense centers or even covered frauds.

Defining the existing patterns, proposing new structures, small-scale testing as well as generating feed-back after a major change are all part of this job.

Communication Skills

A program analyst should easily connect to members from all the other departments to understand their role and their needs, before suggesting any changes or even starting their analysis. They should be able to ask the right questions regarding process flows, possible changes and identify the items which are fixed. As people are mostly reluctant to change, the program analyst should have the diplomacy to introduce the identified modifications gradually, asking for people’s input along the way.

Computer skills

Information is extracted and processed using computer programs, therefore this job requires superior IT skills and proficiency in using dedicated software such as databases, statistical processing, and of course, basic office suite. It is also advisable that the candidate knows the industry best practices, including ITIL, PMI, and CMMI.

Program Analyst Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for program analyst can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

program analyst resume template

When applying to a program analyst job try to highlight in the resume the optimization knowledge you have and how it can help an organization move forward and reduce redundancy and loss.

Additional Program Analyst Resume Tips

  • Strategic planning– The program analyst is part of the core team that defines the organization’s strategy and can offer a competitive advantage, therefore having a broad understanding of business strategy and ways it can influence outcomes helps identifying those 20% of changes resulting in 80% impact.
  • Specific knowledge– If you have previously worked in a certain sector that requires a specific certification or follows specific rules, such as cyber security and you want to continue in the same area with a different employer, highlight that past experience that could help you move past other candidates.

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