Talent acquisition is one of the most difficult tasks of an organization; therefore the role of the recruitment officer is almost a strategic one, since a company is as good as its employees. This job deals with candidates and assessing their skills, knowledge and personal values, hoping for a perfect match between the organization’s needs and the candidate’s hopes.

A recruitment officer is part of the HR departments and together with other specialists they are evaluating resumes, matching the candidate’s abilities with eligibility criteria, conducting interviews or simply scouting the market for the best “heads”. This is a senior position requiring at least a bachelor’s degree in human resources, psychology or management and over 5 years experience in HR.

When applying to a recruitment officer position, be sure to highlight your communication skills, your ability to identify real information and your negotiating style.

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Tips for Recruitment officer Resumes

Communication abilities

The recruitment officer’s main tool is their ability to conduct interviews, uncovering the real faces of candidates, testing their logic, skills and set of moral values. By remaining professional, open, but challenging, they can evaluate if a certain applicant could be a nice addition to the team, or, on the contrary, create tensions. Even if they usually have an agenda, the discussion should flow freely, without giving the candidate the feeling of being subject to a police interrogatory.

Best practices

Be ready to employ the industry best practices when hoping to attract top talent. Follow a well defined process, don’t just count on luck, invest in your current employees, they are good publicity, put in place strict SLAs (service level agreements) and see if the candidates can match these. Create databases with possible candidates and grow talent pools by having competitions, building an online community or asking for referrals. Give examples of past actions that you suggested and were successful in attracting candidates and minimizing recruiting costs.

Tech savvy

Even if your main duties will imply interacting with candidates, you are required to feel comfortably when using technology and be aware of existing tools for head hunting. Having a professional recruiter LinkedIn account is mandatory, but other tools can be useful as well. Create announcements on job boards, recruit international talent on freelancing platforms, use search engines to find the best specialists in a narrow niche. Create reports and update databases. When applying to this position don’t forget to mention the software you are proficient in.

Recruitment Officer Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for recruitment officer can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

recruitment officer resume template

When applying to a recruitment officer job, give examples of your intuition, your ability to relate and assess people just by their resumes and cover letters.

Additional Recruitment Officer Resume Tips

  • Policies and procedures — As the recruitment officer needs to follow existing rules and regulations related to non-discrimination and equal opportunities, be sure to let your future employer know you are aware of the latest changes in this domain.
  • Coaching and support — The role of the recruitment officer is not finished once the candidate signs the work agreement. They are responsible for introductory training, giving the candidate insights about formal and informal rules and regulations in the company. Once a candidate is hired you should transform from an evaluator to a coach.

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