Regional sales representatives are responsible for making known the brand they represent in a certain area. Depending on the product and the sales strategy, the region could mean anything from a city to a whole area like “the Midwest” and the sales representative should be ready to serve that by looking to convert leads into clients. Their main job is to establish a connection, build trust, deliver the sales presentation and try to answer any questions from the client in order to convert.

All regional sales representatives are expected to have excellent communication abilities, both verbally and in writing, and a strong negotiation game. The e-mail and telephone are their usual tools of the trade; therefore being masters of the etiquette required by such communication channels is a plus. The educational requirements for this position are different from one employer to the other, but most candidates have a bachelor’s degree in a business related field, or a technical background if they are hired by a tech company.

When applying to a regional sales representative job, be sure to highlight your knowledge about the area you are applying for as a competitive advantage and to underline your previous results as a salesperson by using numbers.

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Tips for Regional Sales Representatives Resumes

Developing new business

The regional sales representative is at the forefront of getting new people in the sales funnel and guiding them through the stages, from interested to returning buyer. You can expect a wide range of activities including attending conferences, workshops, giving presentations or just using cold calling techniques, all in the name of growing the business. Travelling is required a part of the time and it should come as no surprise that you might be away from the office at least one week every month.

Presentations with an impact

As for any sales representative, your communication skills are your tool of choice and speaking in front of prospects is one of the fastest ways to build trust. You are required to be confident, knowledgeable and able to take any questions, even those coming from competition and demonstrate the superiority of your product or service. You should be able to do this either live or using technology.

IT savvy and platform knowledge

Keeping track of all prospects, clients, pending deals and closed contracts could be overwhelming without a digital system that is easy to use and keeps all data a click away. You are expected to be proficient in common office software, but it is a huge plus if you can demonstrate the ability to use dedicated platforms, like

Regional Sales Representative Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for regional sales representative can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

regional sales representative template, white background

When applying to a regional sales representative job make sure you talk about your persistency, financial acumen and years of experience in sales.

Additional Regional Sales Representative Resume Tips

  • Reporting and quota following — Your job is not just to be an excellent spokesperson but to keep an eye on sales, check if you reach the set targets and even analyze data to establish what are the best techniques in order to replicate success. Be sure to highlight your abilities to create accurate and relevant reports, also showing your added value for the company.
  • Sales lifecycle — As a regional sales representative, you will be in charge of different products or lines of products which are in different stages of acceptance. You need to identify each of these stages and treat the client accordingly, either by building more rapport and trust or by pushing harder to close the sale. Misinterpretation of the lifecycle phase can mean missed business opportunities.

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