Theaters and other live performance venues hire people to help with stage props, sound and light equipment and other items necessary during the show, such as stage curtains and decors. This job is called stagehand and it is a physically intense labor, reserved usually for young and fit people.

As the role has no formal educational requirement other than short term courses, it is a possible option for high school dropouts or for people with just a high school diploma. The stagehand is required to be a good team worker as usually they are organized in small groups, and to be able to follow instructions and safety rules. Most of the work is hands on, moving items around, assisting a carpenter when necessary and helping the lights and sound technicians.

When applying and interviewing for a stagehand job, be sure to highlight your stamina, resistance and passion to work in a dynamic environment in the entertainment industry.

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Tips for Stagehands Resumes

Adaptable and diligent

At this job you will be asked to help with different jobs and will learn a lot about décor, scaffolding, hydraulics and stage effects. Since you are not required to have previous knowledge or training, you only need to pay attention to another technician and execute the maneuvers with care, always watching for moving parts that could inflict injuries. There is no requirement too small or unimportant and sometimes you will need to do some basic carpentry, or even cleaning. Remain open and helpful at all times and remember that the success of the show relies on each man doing his job properly.

Problem solving

A stagehand needs to be resourceful and find ways to make things work even during mid-show if something is not going according to plan, without compromising the on-stage performance. Try and think outside the box, learn to fix things on the fly and cooperate with your colleagues to find new ingenious ways to create stage magic. Be ready to give a proper solution to any problem, from unloading a truck to providing lighting during a black-out. Any knowledge about art or painting can be helpful.

People Skills

Since the stagehand is often required to work in groups, it is implied that this is a job for a great team player. You are required to be reliable and keep a steady pace, help your colleagues and communicate clearly if you have any ideas about improving the set up. Considering this job requires physical strength, always ask your teammates if they need a helping hand, this will be appreciated. If you are the man in charge, distribute work fairly and always spare a good word.

Stagehands Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for stagehand can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

stagehand resume template resume

When applying to a stagehand, make sure to always read the specific job description and requirements, and adjust the resume accordingly.

Additional Stagehands Resume Tips

  • Sound/Light Qualifications — If you are qualified as a sound or light technician, you can have a better chance of getting the job as this means a shorter training period and more work effectiveness.
  • Quality control — The stagehand is responsible for checking and double checking all sound, light and stage movement systems before the show. Each microphone, monitor and rail should function flawlessly to avoid negative impact on the artists’ performance.

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