When quoted in legal matters any individual or company should take into consideration the idea of using a trial attorney’s services. These legal professionals represent their clients in court and strive to convince the judge or prosecutor that their clients are innocent, or, in case of pleading guilty, they act in such a way that the punishment is minimal.

Trial attorneys are graduates of law school who have passed the bar exam and have gathered a few years experience serving as assistant to a senior attorney. Their skills involve excellent critical thinking, knowledge of legal matters, communication and interviewing skills, public speaking and report drafting.

When applying and interviewing for a trial attorney job, don’t forget to mention your ability to create case related reports, perform research, make inquiries and deal with formalities. Excellent knowledge about litigation, documents and negotiation strategies are a plus.

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Tips for Trial Attorneys Resumes

Legal and litigation

As the trial attorney is part of the client’s legal team alongside legal advisers and other specialists, they are required to have excellent understanding of legal provisions, be up to date with the latest legal changes and create documents following all legal requirements to avoid being rejected in court. Previous experience in litigation is necessary to be used to formulating and supporting hypothesis, defending the client and negotiating terms.

Logical thinking

The trial attorney needs to construct the case in such a way that both the judge and jury are convinced by their representation. They need to ask themselves at every step if the argument holds, to bring supporting evidence and to create a coherent story, always linking their argumentation to the case and to existing legal provisions. The best attorneys are able to look at the case from the opponent’s point of view and build a response to any possible attack.

Paperwork handling abilities

Legal jobs require excellent attention to details and drafting paperwork, since the omission of a single detail could mean the forfeiting of the case. The trial attorney and their team are required to follow strict rules when creating the defense, when drafting agreements or settling cases. The best candidates are meticulous, double check their work and even try to eliminate any possible misinterpretation or ambiguity.

Trial Attorneys Resume Samples

Being a trial attorney means that you fight for the reputation of your organization, here is an example that can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

When applying to be a trial attorney, make sure of always reading the specific job description and requirements, and highlighting your strengths accordingly.

Additional Trial Attorneys Resume Tips

  • Legal research– The trial attorney is expected to spend 80% of the time preparing, researching similar cases and resolutions, gathering information about the opponent and going through documents, periodicals, reviews, in the quest for the truth.
  • Public speaking and negotiation– The trial attorney puts on a show and sometimes the resolution depends both on the solidity of the arguments and evidences, but also on the performance. The best candidates take public speaking to another level, almost acting, being passionate about the case and negotiating every item of the settlement in detail.

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