In the eternal struggle between form and function, User Experience Designers or UX Designers are the champions of functionality. Of course, this doesn’t mean they operate independently of style and less tangible elements, but rather, they’re technically-minded, willing to analyze all sides and provide feedback to the team to create the best user experience possible. With all the moving pieces involved, UX designer resumes have to take careful inventory of all of their elements.

Tips for UX Designer Resumes

Documenting Design

Beyond the usual Adobe creative suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks), UX designers also have their own specific wireframe software to mock up visual prototypes ahead of time, such as Balsamiq, Axure RP, and UXPin. Having proficiency with such applications can help your case as far as software experience, but bear in mind that you should also describe to what ends you were wireframing in the first place. Design follows content, not the other way around.

Interviewing the User

Within the basic UX vocabulary, there’s the persona, an envisioned type of user, and the scenario, why they come to your product. Such planning elements are important in the drafting phase for thinking about potential customers. If you have any examples of experiences where you were successful due to these planning elements, it helps to mention those.

Syncing It All Up

Plenty of products with great usability have fallen flat in the marketplace because there was little aesthetic appeal to them. A good UX designer is an advocate for their cause, but they know how to communicate with the consumer and the UI team and will cede ground when necessary in order to get a more appealing product into the world. Be sure that your UX designer resume emphasizes teamwork, interpersonal skills, and clear communication.

UX Designer Resume Samples

Those that have worked as UX designers often have a considerable amount of detailed expertise that helps them in the role. Consider the following resume sample:

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In some cases, the company can see the work that you do. In that case, it may be worth listing it if you are especially proud of your accomplishment and believe it will impress the employer.

Additional UX Designer Resume Tips

  • The Specific Achievements — Throughout your experiences, you are very likely to find that you have actual, tangible results of your work. From main projects completed to the results of said projects and the time it took you to configure them. Use these to your advantage by listing very specific achievements on your resume.
  • Drawing Up Figures — For those that already have experience in the UX design business, it can be beneficial to bring up specifications for how your design has improved the user experience, by streamlining the task flow, reducing weight or cumbersome dimensions, or however.

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