People are visual creatures and they react instinctively to nice displays. Studies even show that certain arrangements urge people to want and to buy. The job of a visual merchandiser is to present items in a good light, to convince prospective buyers of the life-changing value of the object. Their main duty is to arrange shopping windows and shop floors in an attractive way, which entices people to be more curious about the products and to enhance their perceived value.

Most visual merchandisers have some marketing or visual arts background, either as a bachelor degree or some years of experience in retail stores. The most important skill of this job however, is being creative and developing eye-catching ensembles that are true show-stoppers and make people so curious that they need to see more.

When applying and interviewing as a visual merchandiser, you need to be different from the usual, keep things within brand’s definition, as well as to prove some good taste and originality. Don’t forget your portfolio when rushing towards the interview.

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Tips for Visual Merchandisers Resumes

Color and perspective

Visual merchandisers create small universes, sometimes fantasy worlds, other times just pieces of the urban décor. You need a good sense of proportion, perspective and color to keep things interesting even if you only get a bit of glass to display your temporary work of art. You need to be a storyteller with profit on your mind, much like content bloggers, only that you tell your tale via graphical items. Use colors and textures to catch the eye of the passer-by, to create a state of mind or to promote the latest craze.

Master of words

The work of a visual merchandiser is sometimes carried to perfection by a whole team, which need to understand the vision. A vivid description and good communication skills can save a lot of time. The merchandiser is also in contact with a lot of different people, like store managers, clients, shop assistants, creative directors, therefore being able to relate to different categories is a must and giving directions without being patronizing it’s part of the job.

Know your trade

As a visual merchandiser you could work for a retail store, a high-end fashion brand, an online shop, a car brand or even a museum. You need to adapt to the specific content you are promoting and become proficient in the niche you work in, without becoming narrow-minded or using clichés too often.

Visual Merchandiser Resume Samples

The following resume samples and templates for merchandisers can help you get a better idea of what your resume can look like.

soccer coaching resume template

Visual merchandisers are encouraged to customize their resumes to be in line with the job’s requirements and to highlight the most important parts of their portfolios which are representative for their application.

Additional Visual Merchandiser Resume Tips

  • Get organized — If you work with multiple clients it is a good idea to keep a schedule of meetings and check-ups either with pen and paper or a digital solution to help you get the most of your work day.
  • Driver’s license — A this job requires being on site, sometimes in different locations, it might be a plus if you have a clean driver’s license, as this could help you get around faster and be more efficient.

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