Top 5 PTC sites ( Paid to Click sites) — 2018 Edition

Everyone likes to make money. There is no one in this world, who could say that they don’t want money. This is essential to lead our daily life. But, I don’t say that money is the most important.It is just an essential one to lead our life.

Making money on the internet is the current generation strategy. You may be working in the office for all the day to earn money. Some people try out latest techniques and methods to make money online. One such technique is that PTC. They are abbreviated as Paid-To-Click. Those sites working with Paid-To-Click strategy is called as PTC sites or Paid-To-Click sites or PTC websites.

Note: This post is originally published on December 5, 2016, and updated on February 24, 2018.

What is the concept of PTC sites?

PTC sites are nothing but Paid-To-Click sites. This simply means that when you click an advertisement, you will be paid for the click. PTC sites are one way to promote a product or landing pages. Advertisers use this method wisely to get email subscribers and lead to their product. Whereas other members click advertisements and make money out of it. Thus it is a benefit for both the advertisers and the other members.

Also, the members are allowed to make money by referring friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Let me explain you some simple terms in PTC.


Members are the internet users who join PTC sites. Many PTC sites offer free membership and premium membership.

Referral link:

Every member who joins the PTC site will be given a unique link. This link will contain the username of the member. This will be used by the PTC sites to track referrals.


The members of the PTC sites can refer someone to join the PTC site with a unique referral link. The new user who joins the PTC site with that unique referral link is called referral.


Advertisers are the people who want to promote their product or service. They promote their product or service in PTC sites using banners, links etc.

Now, let’s move out of those non-friendly terms in PTC and look at those top PTC sites of 2018.

Top PTC sites of 2018:


Note: Clixsense has recently changed their money-making strategy. They are no more a PTC site. You can now earn money from Clixsense only with other methods like paid surveys, Clixgrid, micro tasks and by referring others. These changes came into effect on July 17, 2017.

Clixsense is the best place for beginner to earn money. This site not only acts as PTC site but also a GPT site. ( GPT stands for Get Paid To , where you will be paid for completing tasks.) . This company was started in 2007 and it is paying it’s users regularly for the past 9 years. Thus this site has very high trust among the users.

Viewing advertisements at Clixsense, you will be paid from 0.001$ t0 0.02$ for a single click.

As I said before, Clixsense is a Get Paid To site. Thus advertisements are not the only way to make money with Clixsense. You can also earn money at Clixsense by,

  • Taking part in Paid Surveys.
  • Doing micro-tasks.
  • Completing offers.
  • Playing clixgrid.
  • Referring others.

For a more detailed tutorial on various ways of making money with Clixsense, you will have to read our Clixsense strategy guide.


Clixsense offers free and premium membership. The premium membership costs only 17$/ year whereas many other PTC sites cost more than 100$ for its premium membership.

Note: Clixsense no more offers membership. You just have a standard account.

Payout methods:

Clixsense pays its users through Payoneer / Skrill / Payza / Check / Tango cards. Since Clixsense pays its users through Tango cards, it is not mandatory that you need a verified account at the payment processor.

If you are interested in creating an account at Payment Processor, I will suggest you go with Payoneer. Because, right now, they offer a signup bonus of $25, after you make transactions.

Payment proof:

I am also attaching a payment proof for Clixsense here. This is just one of my payment proofs from Clixsense. You can check all them here.

Thus with the huge trust built on this site, it occupies the list of best PTC sites of 2018. So, without wasting time, you can start making money online with Clixsense.

Join Clixsense


Neobux is another PTC site, that is available in the PTC industry for a long long time. It was started in the year 2007 and it is another site which is paying its members regularly. Though Neobux has also some features to make money with tasks like Clixsense, they are more focussed on advertisements.

Some features of Neobux are:

  • Guaranteed standards ads.
  • Anti-cheat protection.
  • Payouts on time.

They also have a restriction that only one account is allowed per household. They do this by keeping track of IP addresses. If they find you have more than one account then you are going to be banned. So, make sure that you follow this rule.


Unlike Clixsense, Neobux has various memberships like Standard, Golden, Emerald, Platinum, Saffire, Diamond and Ultimate. These memberships will help you make more money, only if you follow the right strategy. There is no use simply buying the ultimate package without proper strategy.

Simple Neobux strategy:

The simplest way to make money with Neobux is by making referrals. To get paid for what your referrals earn, you need to keep your account active. Therefore you will have to click 4 advertisements every day.

There are various ways of making referrals. You can share your referral link with friends, neighbors, relatives, etc and ask them to signup using that link. You can also share them on social media. If you have more followers, you are going to make some referrals.

You can check my list with 10 ways to make Direct Referrals at Neobux.

Keep building your referrals list. If you are unable to make referrals then you can rent referrals at Neobux.

You will now think about how do Neobux rent referrals?

I will answer the question. Not all people joining at Neobux use a referral link. Some just join directly at Neobux. Neobux rents these referrals who joined directly.

But, renting referrals is some difficult task. You will have to check how your referrals are performing regularly. If they seem to be inactive you will have to recycle them. I will suggest you go with direct referrals. But, if you have no other choice then go with Rented referrals.

To learn more about renting referrals, autopay feature, autorecycle and recycling referrals, I would suggest you read this Neobux guide.

Once you start making money, you will have to think about upgrading your memberships. When you feel that you are making cash in a flow, just upgrade your account. Our ultimate aim is to reach the ultimate membership. So, plan wisely and start making referrals make money to reach the ultimate membership.


When coming to payment, Neobux pays its users through Paypal / Payza / Skrill / Neteller. Thus, you will need a verified Payment processor in order to withdraw cash from Neobux. The minimum payout is 2$.

Payment Proof:

I have attached my payment proof for Neobux here. You can check more of my Neobux Payment Proofs here.

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Note: Right now, Ojooo has changed their PTC strategy and I find it very difficult to understand and follow. The following details are about their old strategy.

Ojooo is another famous PTC site that is paying online. Similar to other PTC sites, they too have memberships. They are 4 memberships and they are:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Premium+
  • VIP

The ad timings in Ojooo differ a lot. They have advertisements which have timings like 5 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Also, they have one more called evolution advertisement. Here you will have to watch 3 x 5 seconds or 3 x 30 seconds. This is nothing but, you will have to watch three 5 seconds ads or three 30 seconds ads.

Just like Neobux and Clixsense, they too have other money making options like OjoooGrid, Matomy, Super rewards etc. They have one more feature called traffic exchange. This traffic exchange can make leads for your business if you use it wisely.


Ojooo has also a restriction that only one account per household. They track your IP addresses. If they find out having multiple accounts, you will be banned and you cannot retrieve your account back. So don’t violate the rules. Make sure that you read the rules before you try to act over smart.


Just like Neobux, Ojooo also offers Rented referrals. Most of those features in Neobux resembles in Ojooo too. To keep your account active, you will have to click 4 advertisements daily. Only if you keep your account active, you can earn money from your referrals for that day.

Payout and Payment processor:

Ojooo pays its users through Paypal / Payza/ Okpay.For standard users, premium, the minimum cashout is 2$ for the first payout and then 6$ for the remaining cashouts.premium, premium+ and VIP members, the minimum cashout is always 2$.


Though Ojooo is a genuine PTC site, it often experiences some financial issues. So there is a lot of payment delays. However, they strive hard to make payments to everyone. We hope the issue settles off soon.

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Familyclix is a genuine PTC site that is paying its users regularly.

I like familyclix for its transparency. They post the details of how much the users are paid and through which payment processors. This is one good sign of trust. You can check those payment proofs here. You will notice that members are paid thousands of dollars. This will give you a clear image in your mind that Familyclix is a good website to make money online.

Like other PTC sites, Familyclix also traces your IP addresses. You are not allowed to keep more than one account per household.

Familyclix has a family theme. They have their memberships named as,

  • Baby
  • Baby+
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Mummy
  • Daddy
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather


You can make more money in Familyclix through referrals. To earn money from referrals you need your account to be active.To keep your account active, you need click 4 advertisements every day.Familyclix also offers rented referrals. You can read the rented referrals strategy for familyclix here.

There are much more ways of making money in Familyclix. Familyclix offers various offer walls, Familygrid etc. They always keep their members motivated through Payment proof bonus, Referral contest, Point contest, etc.

Payment processor:

Familyclix pays its members through Payza, Payeer, Perfect money and Bitcoin.

The minimum payout is 2$ for the first time and then this amount increases by 1$ for subsequent payouts. This increment in payouts will take place until it reaches 5$. And the best thing about payouts in Familyclix is that they process payouts with 48 hours.

Note: For Baby users, FamilyClix has made a restriction that 20% of their income has to come from Offerwalls. Only then you can withdraw.

Payment Proof:

I have attached the payment proof for Familyclix. You can check more of my FamilyClix Payment Proofs here.

Join FamilyClix

5) Buxvertise:

Buxvertise also has the one account per household rule. They suggest you not join in buxvertise through schools or other public places.

You can also earn in Buxvertise through Buxgrid, Offerwalls etc. Buxvertise keeps its members motivated through the daily raffle. To enter into the daily raffle, you need to click 15 fixed advertisements. And if you are lucky you can earn 5$ in Wheel of Bux.

Icon cash:

Another interesting way to make money at Buxvertise is Icon cash. You can earn up to 70$ at Icon cash overall. Here at Buxvertise, you will be provided with a special icon URL.You just need to get clicks on the Buxvertise icon at this URL. You have various targets. Finish that targets to earn money.

You can check this Buxvertise icon cash URL.

Account activeness:

Unlike other PTC sites, you need to click 6 advertisements a day to keep your account active. So that, you can earn money from your referrals.

If you haven’t logged into your account for 90 days, then your account will be closed and your funds will be forfeited. So, if you are interested in making money with Buxvertise, be active.

Payment Processor and Payout:

Buxvertise pays its members through Paypal /Payza/Neteller/SolidTrustPay. The minimum payout at Buxvertise is 7$. I haven’t earned much from Buxvertise and not received any payouts there. The earning options are little at Buxvertise. Hence, it is difficult to earn money there, as it will take more time.

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