The advent of E-Commerce has completely redefined the marketing landscape and the way in which marketers interact with their target audience.

With new E-Commerce stores opening every day, shoppers have become spoiled for choices and keeping shoppers engaged with your brand has become quite challenging.

You need to use out of the box and well-crafted marketing methods to maximize revenue and ensure your shoppers become your customers.

So, how do you as an E-Commerce business help your customers find the best products they’re looking for?

One of the most effective ways to do that is through E-Commerce Personalization.

What is E-Commerce Personalization?

E-Commerce personalization

What is a Conversion in E-Commerce?

A Conversion for a E-Commerce website can be divided into two categories:

  1. Primary Conversions/Main Conversion: This is a type of conversion which directly affects your bottom line i.e when a user completes a purchase on the website.
  2. Secondary Conversions: A secondary conversion can be of multiple types. These conversions are indirect conversions as they do not directly affect a transaction but can affect it in the future.

Example: newsletter subscription, exit pop up, add to cart, add to wishlist, app install/download etc.

In this blog I’ll be talking on how you can optimize your primary conversions i.e. …

Within today’s retail advertising landscape, Google and Facebook are the leading platforms for paid advertising.

In this post, we look at both Google Product Ads and Facebook Dynamic Ads and provide a thorough picture to help you decide where you should invest your advertising budget.

By understanding the reach, metrics and success rate of these platforms, you can identify which out of Google Product Listed Ads (PLA) and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) best suits your product and business growth.

Let’s first take a brief look at these individually:

What are Google Product Listing Ads (PLA)?

Google’s Paid Shopping Ads program or Google Product Listing Ads…

Is Big Data just a passing trend or is it here to stay? With online commerce just 9% of the overall US Retail share, is Big Data even relevant for Retail businesses? Is my business Big Data ready? What does it mean to have a Big data mindset?

In this article I’ll take a closer look at these questions and more.

The relevance of Big Data

Let’s take a closer look at companies by valuation in 2008 — The list is largely dominated by Oil, Telcos and FMCG companies.

Microsoft is the lone ‘digital’ warrior making it to the Top 10. …

One of the most important steps in setting up an E-Commerce business nowadays is having a very clear idea of where exactly the target audience lies, and making sure all marketing efforts and budgets are directed only towards attracting, engaging, and finally maintaining that audience.

Whenever you want to market a product, the biggest mistake you could make is thinking that your product is for everyone.

If you want to succeed in the development of your business, you will have to define your ideal customers in as much detail as possible.

There are many reasons for online retailers to be…

As you embark on your E-Commerce journey, many avenues keep calling out for your attention and they all seem equally tempting. At times it might make sense to do them all, but a learned approach is always better than basing your business on hearsay.

There are multiple ways for you to grow your E-Commerce Business. You can sell your products in many ways, each having its own unique approach and follow through:

  • Marketplaces
  • Your Own Store
  • Social Selling

What are Marketplaces?

This eBook predominantly focuses on young E-Commerce marketers, identifying your customer, engaging them and ensuring you stand out from the competition.

Over the years we’ve worked with a plethora of E-Commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. We realize that there isn’t one strategy to rule them all… We learnt that E-Commerce businesses need to either have a large reserve of money alongside a robust strategy, else have a ridiculously smart and methodical strategy in place in hand with an experimental budget.

With this eBook, our experts have put together a guide to walk you through ideas and suggestions on…

E-Commerce Startups Pitfalls

1995: “I want to invest in a business!”

2018: “I want to launch my own startup!”

The word ‘startup’ has truly gained a cult status in India over the past few years. It’s for good reason that web-series like ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘TVF Pitchers’ struck a chord with the youth.

Contrary to social media and e-publishers celebrating a bombardment of news stories and web-series showcasing a glamorous run for startups, the ground reality is very different.

The Indian startup scenario remains that only a few end in quick exits and million dollar acquisitions. …

ChessBazaar is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of chess boards in the World. They primarily deal with Chess Equipment that are completely handmade and are known for their exclusive designs and finish.

ChessBazaar was started in the year 2007 & has been growing by leaps and bounds since then. Unlike other chess suppliers, ChessBazaar is not country-specific and ship items all over the globe.

Today The Inside Story talks The Founder of ChessBazaar, Vikramjit Singh, speaks of realising his entrepreneurial dreams!

The biggest inspiration for starting ChessBazaar was to start a sustainable online business which was boundless in…

The online advertising industry saw dozens of exciting developments this year, but 2017 also brought with it new challenges to be overcome.

It’s been an exciting year for our Blog too! We’ve grown our community of blog subscribers i.e E-tailers and Digital marketers by over 300%! I’d like to thank each and every one of you for making this possible.

2018 is almost here and I’ve handpicked a list of 10 stories of 2017 you should read to kickstart your Q1 of 2018!

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