5 Baby Product Researching Tips to Private Label on Amazon

Finding a good product to private label in the baby category on Amazon is easy if you follow these simple steps.

1. Look for the Numbers

Image taken from Jungle Scout

Price: No more then $35

Net: at least $10 after Amazon Fee’s

Rank: at least 5000

Est. Rev: at least $7,000

Review: No more then 100

Weight: No more then 1 LBS

No. Sellers: Only 1

2. Look at the Rank History

Once you find a product that matches those numbers above you need to look at the BSR history. It will tell you how long the product has been selling for. Take for example these Baby Bandana:

Now look at the rank history for this product:

Image taking from CamelCamelCamel.com

They only started selling in January 2016 so there numbers are based off of a lot of sales in a very short amount of time. This is mostly good in order to prove the demand for the product, but this isn't enough info to make a decision off of.

In order to make the most qualified decision about what to private label you need to look at the whole market.

3. Look at the whole “Market” for that product.

Lets look at the search results for the keyword “baby bandanas” :

All of the first page products have a BSR ranking of over 5000 at least. This means the demand for this product is huge because BSR rank = amount of sales. Now that we know the whole “market” or at least one keyword search has high demand we need to look at how to differentiate how product.

4. Read Competitor Product Reviews

The fastest way to figure out how you should customize a product or if you need to is by reading the reviews of a top ranked competitor.

Click on the review count to read all the reviews.

Amazingly this product doesn't have any 1 star reviews:

Usually the best practice is to start by reading the worst reviews first and work backwards from there. In this case we will just look at why people are buying them:

4.0 out of 5 stars Cute, but…

By Catherine0102 on February 26, 2016

I got these for a friend as a gift. The bibs are very cute, and I think the mother will really like them — they just aren’t my personal style.
The back of the bibs is very soft fleece, but the front is a little rougher, especially where the pattern is. The way the bandana folds over, the front is what is touching the baby’s neck. I would worry they would be a little irritable, but can’t speak from experience.

4.0 out of 5 stars Adorable

By Ceydaon December 15, 2015

I was so excited to find these bibs after seeing something similar on my friends baby. Very pleased with the overall look and quality. The only question I have is how long they will last because after the first wash the front fabric has already started to lose shape or slide, not sure how to really describe it.

4.0 out of 5 stars Great bibs but one complaint

By Alyon September 29, 2015

They’re extremely soft and I don’t have to worry about anything scratching or bothering my baby. Also, the patterns are very cute and go with just about everything.
My complaint is that they’re thick/bulky for my 5 month old. I’m constantly pulling them down since they tend to ride up and cover my daughter’s mouth.

The most common complaint is that the fabric rides up or is too bulky. If you continue to research like this you will easily be able to find more areas to consider customizing.

5. Look at Manufacture Pricing

Once you have a general idea of a product and what it may take to break into its market. Go look at alibaba.com to get a quick idea of pricing per unit.

I quick search on Alibaba reveals 18 Suppliers that can make these exact baby bandanas. It looks like the price per unit is around $.50 so if you can sell 4 pieces as one unit $26.99 with a net profit of $19.92 (Amazon Fees: -$7.07) It shouldn’t cost more then $2 per unit to ship from China to Amazon which gives you a

Total net profit of $17.92 per unit.

Want more? Here’s a list of the top products in the baby category that make over $10k a month and meet all these qualifications.

Check it out here → https://gumroad.com/l/hJtUm