Straight Outta Where? More Like Get the F*** Outta Here!

This was written in response to what I have seen around the internet about the movie so far. I most likely will not see it unless it’s free somewhere. I am not seeing the movie because of a long standing dislike for the men pictured. I did not support them then, I will not support them now. I am not critiquing the movie itself, but the social construct that made the movie even possible. NWA were the primary forefathers for a proliferation and perpetuation of misogyny in hip hop that was before then very rare.

Some points others made about the film that I would like to address here:
1. People can see/learn how police treat Black men by WATCHING THE NEWS
2. PARENTS should teach kids not to sign contracts without understand them (have you LOOKED at some of the online “Terms of Agreement”?? I feel like I gotta call LegalSheild every time I open a new profile! >_<
3. There are MUCH better examples of “young Black men with a vision who succeed”… please find them and show them to your children. Seriously.
4. I don’t think showing “how not to treat women” is really a good way to show a child respect. More like he or she should see it in the example their folks set or by watching something with a much more POSITIVE image/message overall.

Now, if this movie is the ONLY way to pique a child’s interest to teach the above lessons, that is a SAD statement on the society that we live in.

Also, as Dee Barnes said in her own words in the article on Gawker, that settlment wasn’t THAT much money, not MILLIONS like people think. She got beat down at the club and then beat down trying to get jobs in the industry she loved because folk didn’t want to piss Dre off. Dre denied the attack for a long time until he mentioned it in a SONG. Sad.