How To: Setup Up a Killer Hookah

Are you curious about hookah?

Everyone knows these bad boys take forever to set up. Could go over 20 minutes’ time, if done properly and hygienically, that is.

If you are the designated hookah “preparer” for the night, read carefully, because a poorly-made hookah WILL make you look like a rookie and piss off a lot of people, and no one wants to be a buzz-kill!

1: Make sure your stuff is clean

This is first and foremost. Other than for hygienic purposes relating to a build-up of bacteria, cleaning is an essential part of having a tasty hookah experience. Therefore clean hose and vase after every hookah session. Use a plunger type tool and use soapy water to clean your hose and vase.

2: Fill vase with water and connect to body

It may seem trivial, but the body must have the optimum amount of water. For a good “pull”, adjust the water level to be just about 1 inch from the bottom of your stem.

Also, don’t forget about those gaskets! Gaskets are the rubbery type of material that ensure an air tight fitting between your vase and body. If you don’t have any gaskets, make sure there aren’t any air leaks.

3: Pack your bowl with tobacco and seal with aluminum foil

This is THE most important step! Hookah smokers worldwide have their own theories and styles on packing their bowls. But take it from us to lightly fill the bowl. So, breakdown your tobacco from its packaging and fluff it lightly before gently dropping little by little into the bowl. This is a messy step. Next, seel with aluminum paper the top of the bowl making sure it’s air-tight . After that use a needle to poke a few holes in the aluminum foil and place the bowl on the top of the body.

Optimum amount and size of holes is key. Be precise, because the fate of this hookah is essentially right here, step 4!

4: Install your ashtray, light coal and place hookah in a safe environment

Hookahs are famous for causing fires and burning your furniture. Watch out for your carpet!

Next steps is to light your coal.

We recommend using coconut-based coals and none of that quick-light charcoal stuff.

Yes, the time to light your coals will be longer, and you are going to have to “pull” a series of times, where the detrimental effects of carbon monoxide on the lungs, throat and mouth are at their worst. No bullshit. (but keep reading, we have the ultimate solution to protecting your health in that respect)


Want to skip these steps and still guarantee a top notch hookah experience? Want to eliminate the toxic intake of carbon monoxide at the touch a of a button ?!?! See below.

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