Top 7 benefits of using an electric chainsaw

John Fletcher
Nov 5, 2016 · 4 min read

Electric Chainsaw is one of the daily necessities of cutting sectors. Human race has advanced consistently with the improvement of new innovations. The electric chainsaw is one of them. In all sorts of cutting jobs like cutting trees, wood, crafts etc we need a chainsaw to complete the task easily and safely. But when the question comes to an electric chainsaw, the vast majority don’t know whether an electric chainsaw would be better for them. But before buying a chainsaw they should have proper known about the advantages and disadvantages of the chainsaw. So, I’m going to cover the 7 main benefits of an electric chainsaw and few disadvantages too.

Benefits of an Electric Chainsaw

1. Simple to Start and Operate

It is easier to start an electric chainsaw. Just plug into an available power source, check the chain and press to ‘ON’ button, the machine will start. How easy! But a gas worked chainsaw required motor preparing and pulling a cord a few times to kick the chainsaw on. It also needs a blend of gas to oil and insufficient blends can keep the motor from starting. And the gas chainsaw is too heavy to operate easily. There is no such problem in an electric chainsaw.

2. Financially Savvy

Gas chainsaws are controlled by fuel. Instead of buying fuel for the gas-powered chainsaw, you have to spend a great deal of cash. Aside from the fuel requirement, it requires regular maintenance. For these all purpose you should spend money again and again for a Gas Chainsaw. But the electric chainsaw powered by electricity and gives you a choice to spare a great deal of expense as far as fuel. The electrically run chainsaw doesn’t require any maintenance too. So an electric chainsaw is financially savvy.

3. Lightweight

The electric chainsaw is quite lightweight naturally, it is clear in the comparison with its ancestor. There is no additional load for putting away gas or some other fuel, that’s why the electric chainsaw is lighter than any other chainsaws. This makes the operation of the tool really easier than its predecessor.

4. Less Noisy

Electric chainsaw is much calmer than a petrol chainsaw, it is one of the greatest advantages of it. The low noise of the chainsaw gives a calmly dedicated situation to the operator and as well as he can work longer without annoying the neighbors. So using an electric chainsaw prevents the sound pollution of the task area and provides calm and peace to the operator.

5. More safe

You may get kickback while pulling the cord of the gas powered chainsaw. Kickback happens when the blade tip keeps running into an object forcing the tools to kick back the operator. These kickbacks can be truly hazardous any times. In case of an electric chainsaw, there is no fear of kickback. Safety chain included on electric models that lessen the event of kickbacks. You simply need to take after electrical safety precautions while working with the electric chainsaw.

6. Environment Friendly

Gas powered chainsaw transmit many toxic fumes which are harmful to the Earth and environment. An electric chain is safe for the environment. The device doesn’t emit any gas that is destructive to the earth.

7. Two Variant Availability

Electric chainsaw has two variants accessible. One variation is the battery powered which is runs by battery attachment. Another variation is worked specifically with the help of electricity. You may have the alternative to run the device with electricity when you come up short on battery. You can pick the one which you need according to your job nature.


With a lot of benefits, it has also few disadvantages too. They are-

  1. The main con of an electric chainsaw is its less power. A gasoline chainsaw has two cycle motors, consequently, can exert more power. But an electric chainsaw has a single power engine. Besides these, they are designed with little cutter bars, so that they are bad to fell substantial load.
  2. It is less portable than a gasoline chainsaw because of its electricity connection. It may not generally be feasible for any client to utilize it far from home or some other source of electricity.
  3. Aside from that as these cutting tools are intended for the most extreme measure of security it gets to be hard to clean the different parts of the tool.

Electric chainsaw is the new invention of chainsaw evolution. It is invented with a lot of advanced features. It works faster than a gasoline chainsaw. It is must know all the pros and cons of an electric chainsaw as it helps you to select the right chainsaw for you. It will help you to save the money and to continue noise free cutting process also.

Thank you for taking the time to read the page.

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