Why Manchester’s Happiness Cafe is so important

Manchester's Happiness Cafe

Manchester’s Happiness Cafe

Surveys in Britain and the U.S. show that people are no happier now than in the 1950s — despite massive economic growth.

So if having a better job or more money isn’t going to back us happy — what is?

According to research by J.H. Fowler and N.A. Christakis, our Happiness influences the people we know and the people they know. Research shows that the happiness of a close contact increases the chance of being happy by 15%.

Research shows that the happiness of a close contact increases the chance of being happy by 15%.

Being in spaces in which we can be happier and meet happy people, therefore, is vital to our mental wellbeing. And 22 Year Old Charlotte Ducie is doing just that.

She’s the owner of Manchester’s newest secret gem, a Happiness Cafe tucked up in the eves of Ridelow on Church Street in the Northern Quarter.

Rather than compete with the existing cafe culture in the Northern Quarter, she strives to focus instead on providing the best experience for her Customers.

‘Two For Joy’, the name of Charlotte’s Cafe Unique Selling Point is it focuses on Happiness. She promotes a joyful atmosphere with a Happiness Playlist, provides brightly coloured drinks and even rainbow bagels!

She’s done her research as well.

She scoured online for the best Happiness Playlists and constantly speaks to Customers about what they want from the Cafe.

‘“The happiest time in my life is probably right now!’ says Charlotte, “ I have so much to work towards and that makes me happy!”

“We are in talks with a few charity and happiness cafe ideas now, Obviously number 1 job on our list is to create a happy place. Bright colours and positive vibes are what we want every single customer to feel when they visit TWOforJOY”.

Charlotte recommends coming in and seeing the place for yourself. Her most popular offering is the Unicorn Hot Chocolate and a Rainbow Bagel topped with Nutella.

If you’re really pushing the boat out she also suggests a honeycomb rocky road or one her best-selling cupcakes made by “Little Blonde Bakes”. A hands-on Boss, Charlotte is also around to cheer her Customers up, ‘I would get them a drink and listen to them. Making someone feel heard is so important!’ she says.

When asked what she thought was getting in the way of most people’s Happiness, Charlotte believes settling for being treated less than you deserve is the main one.

This fits so well with the ethos of betternotstop. Don’t stop and don’t settle!

Charlotte’s Top Happiness tips…

  • Surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh.
  • Realised that not everything is perfect all of the time and life can go wrong. (Accepting that has made her become a much calmer and happier person.)
  • People are a massive influence on anyone’s ability for happiness and negative relationships are such a key factor in your happiness.
  • Your Happiness needs to come first otherwise you will struggle to make anyone else happy
  • Humans do amazing things on a daily basis and you won’t have to look far to see the good in the people around you.
  • Take time to de-stress at the end of a day

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Originally published at betternotstop.