Adventure Uncovered Live Returns this Weekend to London

adventure uncovered

For the second year running, Adventure Uncovered Live is bringing together the adventure community for an inspirational day of talks, panels, activities, film and photography — all themed around our global need for positive social and environmental change on Saturday 13th October. This week!

As regular readers of my blog know, I think meeting people in REAL LIFE. Feeling a sense of community is crucial in making us happy. I love to go to events, conferences and networking evenings. It’s a great way to keep learning, challenge my ideas, and meet new people. Not only that, I often fly solo to these sorts of things and as a result, have met some amazing people. In fact, it was through heading to Explore at the RGS last year that I met James, one of the organisers of this event.

James is passionate about sustainability and storytelling it’s no wonder he has created such an incredible event. If you are close by I really recommend you checking it out — and the best thing is you don’t need to find someone to go with you — there will be so much to see and do as it is!

This particular event includes a packed schedule from the industry’s leading and most progressive speakers, activists and brands including a National Geographic explorer, the co-founder of The Do-Lectures, plus The Thames Project, Global Warming Images and Sail Britain. Learn from the trailblazers who are paving the way to a more sustainable future, the challenges they’ve faced and the victories they’ve achieved.

“Our event provides an inspirational platform to catalyse change,” says James Wight, Founder of Adventure Uncovered. “We encourage new narratives, thought-provoking and difficult conversations, because only through breaking down barriers can real progress happen. That’s why we exist and we hope attendees leave feeling as passionate about the world we live in, as we do.”

One of the sessions will explore ‘How Innovative Products and New Business Models are Transforming the Outdoor Sector’. In this talk Andy Middleton, co-founder of TYF Adventure and Do-Lectures, will host a panel discussing the latest steps being taken by the adventure industry to embed environmentally and socially sustainable practices across their organisations and products, enabling us to make the most sustainable choices when planning our next adventure.

“Experienced outdoor enthusiasts and explorers are smart about researching, caring for and knowing how to use the gear that their lives depend on” writes Middleton. “In the same way that a rope, axe or buoyancy aid protect us when we stumble, nature protects us where we stand and live. Never before has there been a need to protect our environment for the long term with the same diligence that we protect ourselves when exploring, learning and playing in wild places.”

Other talks and topics include ‘The Role of Film in Communicating Adventures with a Purpose’. ‘How Adventure and Photography on the Frontline Can Create a Catalyst for Change.’, and ‘‘The Future of Adventure: What Trends Lie Behind the Corner?’.

Tickets start from just £30 and there is an option to join in a stand up paddleboard adventure and clean-up of the Thames the morning of the event.

As if that isn’t enough, a drinks reception will close the event. This gives you the chance to meet with the day’s speakers and connect with like-minded, adventurous people who care about making a positive difference to the world we live in.

If anyone fancies paying for my train ticket from Manchester, lemme know!


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Adventure Uncovered is an event and publishing platform that accelerates social and environmental change through responsible adventure.



adventure uncovered

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