At a young age Jeffrey Wernick parlayed $5,000 in $250,000 and that success was hardly the exception. Later in life he would be an early investor in Uber, Airbnb and most notably, Bitcoin. He’s a strong believer in blockchain technology and a regular speaker at blockchain conferences. We’re proud to have him on Value Tokenized with the CryptoTwins and we hope that you learn as much from him as we did.

Why projects will be tokenized

There are two reasons a project might be tokenized. The first is if the cost of capital is cheaper. That probably means, unfortunately, a…

As CEO of Lition, Richard Lohwasser hopes to create the standard public-private blockchain solution for business. Most importantly, Lition will be scalable, be one of the first projects to have deletable data features and be tailored to commercial users. As a former McKinsey consultant and entrepreneur he hopes to create a blockchain which will have the potential for mass adoption. The interview was conducted by the CryptoTwins from ValueTokenized.

What the Lition Team Wants to Achieve

According to Lohwasser the Lition team is really excited about its objective of bringing blockchains to the mass market. …

In a recent interview with one of the industry’s bigwigs, Florian Ducommun, he aired his views on a range of issues relating to tokenization. The interview revolved around the areas highlighted below:

  • What makes Switzerland an attractive jurisdiction for STOs
  • A comparison of regulations that apply to utility and security tokens in Switzerland
  • The challenges of opening a bank account for a blockchain-related company in Switzerland
  • The overall appetite for tokenized assets in the Swiss market, and much more.

But before we delve any deeper, who exactly is Florian Ducommun?

Florian’s background

Florian Ducommun is an attorney-at-law based in Switzerland…

Dave Hendricks recently spoke with the CryptoTwins in a ValueTokenized interview.

CEO and co-founder of Vertalo, Dave has over 20 years of experience in marketing management and corporate governance and has raised over $80 million for the firms he’s been involved with. Vertalo is a cap table solutions company focused on SEC compliant security token issuance and helping broker dealers to reduce their costs by eliminating spreadsheets and multi-sig wallets.

How to meet other people in the STO space

Dave believes that security tokens offerings are a team sport and thinks that if you’re a security token infrastructure company, like…

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

It’s 6:10 pm and you just finished your job. As you walk by the long hall of pictures covered with serious faces you finally get to the ground level. After getting dressed in your long coat, you notice a group of girls on the street, waving at you and openly asking for your attention.

You walk closer and you hear the garbled fragments of words like “help”, “donation” and “raise awareness”. …

Photo by Kuldar Kalvik on Unsplash

When you think Nevada you picture tumbleweed, high heat, cowboy welcome sign and endless desert expanses covering the whole state south to north, and east to west. When you wonder about life there, you get news like “Dead brothel owner wins Nevada state assembly seat” or “Nevada County Police Blotter: Man locked in women’s room for three hours”.

It’s unusual, it’s intriguing, but it’s also the last place you think of when it comes to a possible homeland of a rising technological empire.

But this doesn’t scare the former lawyer and recently-made cryptocurrency millionaire, Jeffrey Berns. According to tabloids, he…

Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

With so many abbreviations like OTC, RSI, ICO, and others saturating our financial cryptocurrency vocabulary, it’s hard to keep track of who is who and what is what.

To get to the core of what STOs are and what their future holds, let’s start with its forerunners.

When you start a company you have various options for acquiring funding — getting a loan, a venture capital or asking for love money just to name a few. These options allow you to keep assets and your company’s governance private. …

Photo by drmakete lab on Unsplash

Despite the growing adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by traditional verticals, such as banking, healthcare, and the governmental sector, the global community is still concerned with the risks associated with crypto. The general perception of the crypto space as a haven for scam, money laundering and fraudulent transactions deeply affects market growth and holds back the industry development.

For instance, Canada’s Better Business Bureau reports that ICO scams resulted in over $1.7 million CAD of losses in 2017. However, the Bureau admits this figure may be highly inaccurate. …

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Airdrops are free distributions of cryptocurrency utility tokens offered by companies to provide access to their service to current or potential clients. As the blockchain network grows, so does the number of floating cryptocurrencies in the market. Hence, if an organization launches its own cryptocurrency, it might ‘airdrop’ some to attract more customers to their newly introduced digital coin.

In technical terms, an airdrop can be explained as assigning private keys of a certain cryptocurrency to pre-existing users so that they can start using it in a virtual currency network. …

The ICO (initial coin offering) market has brought to life a new viable way to raise funds for any innovative project that may catch the eye of a potential investor. A startup would typically issue tokens to early adopters and re-invest the funds into further project development.

In 2017, we saw a boom of chaotic ICOs that helped blockchain-powered startups collect over $5.6 billion in funding. Once the initial euphoria ebbed away, all stakeholders realized they got stuck in a highly volatile, unregulated market. The lack of legal instructions could imperil both coin issuers and investors. …

Tony Simonovsky

Digital nomad, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast. I help companies raise money through token sales.

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