At a young age Jeffrey Wernick parlayed $5,000 in $250,000 and that success was hardly the exception. Later in life he would be an early investor in Uber, Airbnb and most notably, Bitcoin. He’s a strong believer in blockchain technology and a regular speaker at blockchain conferences. We’re proud to have him on Value Tokenized with the CryptoTwins and we hope that you learn as much from him as we did.

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Why projects will be tokenized

There are two reasons a project might be tokenized. The first is if the cost of capital is cheaper. That probably means, unfortunately, a less savvy investor because the cost of capital is already cheap in the capital markets for real estate. …

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As CEO of Lition, Richard Lohwasser hopes to create the standard public-private blockchain solution for business. Most importantly, Lition will be scalable, be one of the first projects to have deletable data features and be tailored to commercial users. As a former McKinsey consultant and entrepreneur he hopes to create a blockchain which will have the potential for mass adoption. The interview was conducted by the CryptoTwins from ValueTokenized.

What the Lition Team Wants to Achieve

According to Lohwasser the Lition team is really excited about its objective of bringing blockchains to the mass market. …

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In a recent interview with one of the industry’s bigwigs, Florian Ducommun, he aired his views on a range of issues relating to tokenization. The interview revolved around the areas highlighted below:

But before we delve any deeper, who exactly is Florian Ducommun?

Florian’s background

Florian Ducommun is an attorney-at-law based in Switzerland, in Lausanne. He is a founding member of the law firm HTC, a technology-based law firm, and also the CEO of the Legal Factory, a consulting and legal tech company based in Switzerland. …


Tony Simonovsky

Digital nomad, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast. I help companies raise money through token sales.

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