To access the advanced Lamden Account features on the wallet must be holding 150 LUCK Liquidity Points (LP).

To get the LP head to the Pools page on RocketSwap:

Click the “Add Liquidity” button in the top right off the screen.

The select the LUCK token and add enough TAU / LUCK to receive at least 150 LP then click “Add Supply”

At the time of writing this article the following amount of each token was required.

Once you have 150 LP it does not matter if the price fluctuates as the LP will remain static. Also, since you only need to hold the LP there is minimal risk as you can remove it and sell your LUCK if you do not want to use the Account App anymore.

However, as more users enter the Lamden/RocketSwap ecosystem and we continue to expand/refine the Account App features more and we hope more users will buy into the system increasing the price and the value of your LUCK LP. The users that joined on the first day for 10 TAU have seen a 477.5% increase in value at the time of writing this.