Why I’m passionate about AkiliPlus UX designer course.

Are you stuck in a career that sucks because you see few options of switching to a UX design career? Or the options to switch are too risky? Do you want to be a UX designer but don’t know where to start? Are you a UX designer but you’re not confident of your designs? Are you self studying online but are finding it hard because of lack of support and mentorship?

I’m thrilled to announce to you the UX Designer Course by AkiliPlus. The goal of the course is simple: I’ll accelerate your learning in UX design and support you land a job as a UX designer.

Some background story: Becoming a UX designer is the best decision I’ve made in the last decade. Through UX design I’ve been able to start my company. I’ve landed design projects for the biggest organizations in the country. I’ve met people from all sectors of the economy and all corners of the globe who share my passion of product design. I’ve delivered digital products that are used by thousands of Kenyans in their daily lives and improved peoples lives.

UX design is becoming more important in companies. There’s a growing demand of UX designers globally and locally. The salaries of UX designers locally have grown by 50% in last 5 years.*

Now, let me share what I’ve learned so far with you.

I’m a self taught UX designer. It has been very challenging and it has taken me a long time to get to the level I am. My biggest challenge was knowing where to start and filtering the right content among the mediocre, free online UX courses and design articles to learn from. Another challenge is getting projects for practice to accelerate your learning. I’m lucky to have design projects that accelerated my learning. It was and still hard to find industry mentors and support when I was stuck or guide me.

Based on this realization, I have created a simple and proven roadmap for accelerated UX design learning to follow.

The UX designer course is divided into six modules:

  1. Design fundamentals
  2. The design brief
  3. User research practices
  4. Information architecture and content strategy
  5. Sketching & Prototyping
  6. Design presentation and portfolio building

This are the six technical skills that make a complete UX designer.

By the end of the course, you’ll have 1) a repeatable design process 2) a collection of published design projects 3) a professionally designed portfolio 4) UX designer job interviews.

You’ll develop a fresh approach to UX design. Imposter syndrome will be a thing of the past. You’ll learn through practice, a design process that delivers solutions for users and clients. As you receive feedback from mentors, you’ll refine and develop confidence in your design process, find a niche and attract companies and clients that are looking for a designer of your skills.

AkiliPlus UX Designer course might be a good fit if you want to:

  • Start a career as a UX designer.
  • Switch from your current job to a UX designer job.
  • Land a job as a UX designer locally or abroad.
  • Boost your confidence as a UX designer.
  • Design and deliver products that have lasting value on customers.

If you’re curious here are some links for you to explore:

  1. Website
  2. Course curriculum

This course is not a slight improvement to your UX design skills. Nor is it a small step in your career. It’s a complete before-and-after transformation of the trajectory of your career and your life.

I’m eager to begin the course, and I hope you’ll join me.

Signups begin today and the course starts on May 1st. The Early Bird window opens on April 20th and closes on April 30th.