Wing Chun

Students practicing the Siu Nim Tao

I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts. After some reading, I decided it would be Wing Chun. I chose it because it is known to be created by a woman and where, as I heard, overcome power, therefore, it doesn’t matter how big the opponents are. Even so, there’s only one school that offers it in our area and their training schedule doesn’t sync with mine. Fortunately, a friend knows Sifu Jamie Cortez of the Jamie Cortez Wing Chun Academy of Self-defense and invited me to join the class.

Honestly, when someone mentions martial arts instructor, the foremost thing that comes to my mind is, he’s old. That’s because two of my previous instructors (in other martial arts) were old. But don’t get me wrong, they’re strong for their age. Well, my Sifu now is young and he knows what he’s doing. On our first day of training, I actually didn’t know what to expect, but I was amazed by how he presented Wing Chun; both practical and internal. He’s quite excellent, I must say. It changed how I perceive Wing Chun and inspired me to learn more.