Crypto hedge funds and their “thesis stories” they tell
Gil Penchina

Crypto investing is hard and requires expertise in multiple disciplines: investing, software engineering, economics, and more (often a specific vertical that the proposed solution targets). The people who have experience and can get access to teams AND do anything useful with that access from an investment analysis POV can probably be counted on both my hands. That’s people, not funds. Maybe less, given how clueless certain high profile people seem to be (or more properly stated, how narrowly very smart and broadly overconfident). There may not be anyone who has all the expertise one would want. Taken together, the above doesn’t suggest to me this should be compared to passive fees or commodity priced active equity funds.

Good luck wading onto Reddit, a Discord chart, a Telegram chat, and Twitter and 9 whitepapers of varying quality and then parsing commits on Github to see how the code works and then interacting with CTOs (most of whom are out there) AND then pulling apart the economic model of a token and testing it out in various scenarios AND then pushing the team on their goto market and why they will never be able to acquire users AND then analyzing why their OSS can’t be cloned and the value ripped out, and finally coming to a reliable conclusion about the merits of Iota vs Aeternity vs Ethereum vs Dfinity vs Lisk vs Qtum vs Litecoin vs EOS vs Waves vs Cosmos vs 0x vs Polkadot vs Zcash vs Bitcoin sidechains. Good luck just managing the security of your holdings and hardening yourself and your operation. Good luck trying to be a normal manager in a space which is multidisciplinary and inchoate and which is not only moving fast but moving fast more quickly each month.

If you think investing in this space is easy and commodity like, that runs counter to my experience, but I’d encourage you to roll your own and report back with the results. Would be fun!

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