3 Rules to Remember when Wearing a Crop Top

Crop tops are the epitome of style meticulously combined with comfort, making them a new but staple in a woman’s wardrobe. We all have loved crop tops; hated it as well. But in this love-hate relationship, crop tops have made their spot among the top echelons of the fashion circuit. However, there are certain things which you have to keep in mind when wearing a crop top. To help you out, the rules have been summarized as follows.

Fashionable Wholesale Crop Top

Keep the Fit Perfect with Ample Breathing Space

This applies for all clothing pieces, however, more for so crop tops. Too much of a flowy material can ruin the entire look, adding bulk to your stature. You need to pick a top that complements your body and enhances your assets, not hide it. If you are not too comfortable with skin-showing, go for a longer version but make sure that the top fits you in the right places.

Tone Down Other Pieces

Crop top wholesale manufacturers have used bright and a plethora of colors for the crop tops. You may pick something that stands out for its extravagance or will want to stick to something subtle, but the key to rocking a crop top look is to keep the rest of the attire simple and grounded. The more conservative the rest of the look, the better are your chances of standing out.

Layers! Works Every time!

A bomber jacket or maybe a cape, the options for layering are numerous, and each of the piece works wonderfully with a crop top. You need to find what really works for you. Also, the tone and shade of the outerwear should be in sync with the crop top. Darker colors work well with darker colors, lighter colors work well with dark shades as well. The choice here is really yours.

To conclude, a crop top is one of the sexiest clothing items out there. There is no shade of doubt that when you wear them appropriately, the result is always stunning. Crop top wholesale manufacturers have a variety of the same displayed in their inventory which showcases a number of textures and patterns. Retailers who are interested in making a bulk purchase can register with them today. Special offers can also be availed.