3 Summer Pieces That Should be Owned by Every Man

There is something about summer! You can dress whatever you want in, however you want to. Yet, given the level of simplicity, we tend to make the most number of mistakes. Ignoring the basics, we tend to strip down to tanks and shorts (not that they are bad) but come on, there is a clothing decorum which you are expected to follow. So which items should you add to your summer closet? Read on and discover it yourself.

A Crisp White Full Sleeves Shirt

Honestly, you can’t have all too many shirts in your wardrobe. But having an indispensable piece like a white shirt is enough to get you going, through the summer at least. It might have been associated with the uniform of all conventionalism, but no longer can be it limited to that. Team them with a pair of jeans or chinos in darker shades to look like handsome version of yourselves. Added advantage, white is retains absolutely zero heat and keeps you cool during the summer.

A Graphic T-shirt

Smart, cool and everything nice- that is a graphic t-shirt for you. Popular among the millennial crowd, it is almost singularly considered to be a staple. The cool status quo that they add to the guise with their nonchalant advent is what makes them so sought after. Team them with a pair of shorts or jeans; the ultimate result is still going to remain same- stunning. You can buy the best graphic shirts from one of the best t shirt wholesale suppliers who have an inventory full of variations of the same.

A Pair of Beige Chinos

First of all, chinos are awesome, second, they are awesome. In fact, without a pair of chinos comprising a man’s wardrobe, it is basically worthless. They are perfect for summer, keeping you comfortable while adding to your bravura. They work well along with a blue oxford shirt or a black polo shirt. Also, look for pairs that aren’t too constructing and allow flow of air (you don’t want to turn into a puddle of sweat inside).

Thus, this summer make your wardrobe a praiseworthy one. Make sure to add the above-mentioned pieces for an appearance that is ever lasting. Retailers can make a bulk purchase of these items from reputed t shirt wholesale suppliers at discounted prices.