Sports T-shirts Gets a Makeover….Watch Out and Drool!

Sports t shirts wholesale are not baggy or loose anymore but they are uber-stylish and very comfortable. It pushes wearers to sweat it out and also makes them look fabulous while at it.

T-shirts are not just a part of casual clothing but, sometimes they form a part of fashion clothing and also regarded as trendsetters. However, when it comes to sports tees, it is more than just a stylish piece of clothing. It might form a part of the sportspersons uniform or crafted with fabrics that enhances an active individual’s performance either at the gym or while taking part in any adventurous or physical activity.

Those days are gone when wholesale sports t shirts were all about slouchy t-shirts, a loose pair of track pants and cool caps. Lately the definition of fitness and sports fashion has undergone a drastic and dramatic change with designers coming up with trendsetting workout tees featuring minimal silhouettes and cleaner lines. There are yet others experimenting with color, design and print to set in motion a whole new trend — athleisure. Activewear is not just restricted to the four walls of the gym any more but it one can take those clothes to places and let it breathe in some fresh air, and grab a few eyeballs.

Activewear Tees is an Unavoidable Part of Attire

With the rise of an active lifestyle and popularity of sports such as football, basketball and hockey, sports t shirts wholesale has become a must-have in everybody’s closet, irrespective of gender. The modern day fashion style ranging from loose to restricted and cropped to extended, has seriously diversified workout apparel with time.

Bright Colors Are Ahead in the Game

The most popular trend, by far, is fitness and sports clothing sporting bright, vivacious colors. Neon and other such funky colors are on the rise and enjoyed by men and women alike. The classic black and white pair and other traditional pairs are no longer leading the game, though these pairs are still available but in combination with vibrant colors such as black tee with yellow lines on the shoulder and sides, or white tee with hot pink. It is time to follow the herd and be a part of the bright-bandwagon that features special highlights of orange, blue, red, green and yellow hues.

Quirky Prints Inspire to Sweat it Out, Harder!

The trend of prints and graphic were never really out of fashion and never will be in the future. Prints can range from featuring the logo of one’s favorite sports team to abstract, fun and exciting graphics. A number of sports t shirts manufacturers also offer custom options in case you would like to include your favourite superhero into the design element.

The endless tee trend made famous by Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling is also something that you can look into. This style of print basically shows Culkin sporting a t-shirt with a print of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt featuring Culkin. It is a very clever idea and totally awesome. Gym owners using fitness tees as a promotional item can certainly keep this print-trend in mind while giving away tees to its members.

Short Sleeves, Crew Necks Are a Rage Lately

Forget loose and baggy t-shirts because it is time to show off those muscles and abs that you have really worked hard for. Swap those with tailored, well-fitting short sleeve and crew neck workout tees that are crafted from innovative fabrics which wick off moisture easily and offer a breezy feel during training, practice or workout. Long sleeves are perfect for working out in cold weather conditions!

For a wide range of options to choose from, get in touch with reputed and reliable sport t shirt manufacturers UK and don’t forget to place order in bulk for some extra saving.