My New Years Evolution

I was browsing through Instagram and came across a post by @cleverinvestor stating New Years Resolutions aren’t working anymore so we need to change it up and see how we can evolve from the mistakes and or failures we went through in 2015. That sounded like something I can work with but how can you and I evolve for 2016? We’ll need to know how we failed in 2015. Now failure to you and I and failure to another can be viewed differently. For example an 87 on an exam may be a success to another but failure to you. The formers evolution could be to maintain 85's and above, while the latter’s evolution could be to strive for 90's and above. For me to evolve I believe I need to take a step back in one area and take a huge leap in another. The area in which I will step back in is worldliness, after all possessions do not define me. I’ll be selling my 2012 Audi in the coming year, ending my frivolous spending, and committing myself to bring up those around me.

I used to think that because I work hard I deserve nice things. That’s a misguided conception, hard work for selfish pleasures only makes you a vain and often lonely individual. I plan to continue working hard but instead of only pleasing myself I’m going to focus on others well being in addition to my own. It’s lonely at the top so I rather be cozy in the upper middle.

I know a lot of people with potential but the fear of failure/ uncertainty stops them from pursing their ambitions. Not too long ago I was one of these people, chained to the security of my 9–6 job but one day I said no more. (I’ll dedicate a detailed post to this later) I tossed aside my inhibitions and with several back up plans in place I journeyed out into a world of uncertainties and I’ll never look back. So for 2016 I’ll be helping/encouraging people to join me in unlocking their potential, follow their dreams, determine their future and win in life because it is a known fact that Only Winners Live!